Wednesday, July 25, 2018

And remember....this too shall pass

I have a tendency to feel overwhelmed when it feels like issues are beginning to stack on top of each other.
They are usually every-day things that of course can be easily handled, yet still, when it's one thing after another, I become claustrophobic.

What inevitably occurs is a shift re-focus, if you will, where it becomes apparent that I've been sweating the small stuff. I'm sure you have heard of that mantra, 'don't sweat the small stuff'.

It's valid advice.

So while I was in fairly excruciating pain yesterday, trying to accept the inevitable root canal that I *knew* was in my future, and thinking about the check engine light that glared at me from the dashboard of my car Sunday, and remembering my moms impending eye surgery.....I thought, okay universe. That's enough. Please cease at least until I can catch my breath.

Then I learned a friend from my hometown passed away today.

And I thought, there it is. That reminder I've received many times.

These things that happen in our lives that truly mean very little when compared to the big stuff, are not the devastation they seem to be. They are easily fixed with some attention and scheduling.

By nature, Im not one to complain much about anything. I've reminded friends and family at various times that 'this too shall pass'.

My friend was way too young to be gone so soon. Now, I grieve for her familys loss, and her time cut short on this earth. The unfairness of it. That is real devastation. Not my dental issues, or car troubles.

I hope things are going well for you, friend(s). If the list of issues is beginning to stack, remember; 'this too shall pass'.

Take care of yourselves, and be kind to one another.


P.S. Breakfast at Tiffany's of late has been filled with fresh fruit from the local Farmers Market. I think strawberry crepes sound delicious, don't you?

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

No burden is he to bear, we'll get there.....


If I'm laden at all
I'm ladened with sadness
That everyone's heart
Isn't filled with the gladness
Of love for one another

More and more, I hear this song in my head.

On repeat. A loop.

I don't recognize the country we live in today.

I will never give up hope though. You can count on that.

See you soon friend,

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Meet me in the summertime....
Winter slumbered, gathering energy. with long and peaceful rest
Until the window was opened, when hearing birds chirp with zest
The scent of hollyhocks under the soil, drew me closer to the want of Spring
The fireplace yawned with the knowledge, it would no longer be the thing
Squirrel ribbons began their winding, up the tree, they chased
Seemingly twitterpated, 'round and 'round they raced
A season for new beginnings
I often muse romantically
Starry nights are for lovers
Seeking their partners actively
And as the wind shifts, from north to south to east
I decide that trying again
Should begin, in the very least
When balmy nights are painting
sunsets brilliantly streaking the sky
I form my invitation
Won't you meet me in the summertime?
We'll take long walks, holding hands
Sharing our dreams and hopes, and fears
Quick with the realization
True love's promise might be near
Dare we leap into the unknown
the future's forecast, a murky blur
Risking feelings, our hearts on loan
You say, 'but worth it', in spite of myself
I concur.

Thanks for meeting me here friend,

Monday, March 19, 2018

Many of my relationships began with music....

šŸŽµšŸŽ¶ music...makes the people....come togetheršŸŽµšŸŽ¶

It really does.

I saw a post in social media today that had a picture of a shiny CD, with songs written on it. The post read, 'the younger generation doesn't remember this'. I won't speak for them, it may be true that they don't remember. But I thought, 'yeah but what about mix tapes!'.

Those were the days!

Many of my relationships began with music. I don't mean only the romantic kind, but also friendships as well. It's such an easy way to connect with someone.

Even today, I love receiving texts with, 'you have got to listen to this song!' Or band....artist....

In high school, my boyfriend made me a few mix tapes. As in cassette tapes, yes. I regret that I don't still have them, but I remember. A really good friend used to send me tapes through the mail. That eventually became, sending CD's. I still have them, and always thought it was the coolest gift ever. He is still passionate about music of all genres, and I loved that he took the time to share what was new-to-me music, that he likes to listen to. I rank them just as high as I would a handwritten letter, also a gift.

What better way is there  to get to know someone, than having them share their favorite music, and why it's their favorite?

Music can be a best friend. It can heal, make you want to get up and dance, or sing loudly whether you know all of the words or not. It has seen me through bad days, and made great moments, a celebration.

šŸŽ¶šŸŽµ woahhh....listen to the music.....all the tiiiimešŸŽ¶šŸŽµ

"If music be the food of love, play on" ~William Shakespeare


See you soon friend,

P.S. what are you listening to these days? Breakfast at Tiffany's could use some background music ideas! One of my favorite versions of 'Hallelujah' is below, I've always loved this song.

Friday, March 9, 2018

To thine own self, be true....

From pen to page, keyboard to screen, or, in my head, I've been writing my thoughts since I learned how to form a sentence. It occurred to me today, that many of these stories, written or not, are the culmination of *the* story. My story.

I live the pages every day, and every night in my dreams. I mean, isn't each paragraph that we live, a high point?

Maybe not. We certainly don't choose to have things go wrong, when they do. Or, not go how we imagined, or wanted them to. Still, I've always believed, and often said out loud, that a person is the sum total of everything they have gone through, and experienced, until right now. Present tense. Today.

My birthday is coming soon. I always do a fair amount of reflecting before the day of celebration arrives. You see, this year is a milestone birthday. So they say. I actually think they are all milestones in a way. Good grief, we just went twelve months past the last celebration, that's cause for another big hooray, isn't it?

I've found myself smiling and thinking, 'you know what? I am actually, sincerely, proud of myself!'
I work hard on a job that challenges me, that I committed to twenty-four years ago. I don't love it every day, let's keep perspective here, but as a whole, I'm proud of my work.

That isn't as important as the rest though. It's a means to the good stuff. The real living is just outside the work bubble.

And I

I had my epiphany!

'So, did you have yours?' the artist asked me, as he was preparing to create my favorite word, well, one of them, on my arm. I told him that I did.
He smiled without looking up, preparation takes concentration.
'Are you going to SHARE what it is? Or is it a secret?'

It's a very simple, stolen quote, that my mom has said to me, since I was an awkward teenager trying to figure out the why's and what for's of the world. "To thine own self, be true".

And now, I say it to you, dear friend. Be yourself. There is only one 'you'. You are unique. You matter. You count. You were made for a reason.

So I say, laugh out loud and especially, the deep belly laughs that bring tears because you can't stop laughing. You want to wear the crazy hat, or make goofy faces when someone is taking your picture? Do it! All of your friends love country music but you like classical? Pump the Mozart volume! You know I could go on and on, but I'm certain that you understand.

And share your gifts, the world would be so boring if we didn't.

I decided to do the thing that many girls do at the most random hour; tell the stylist to cut a few inches of my hair off, add some highlights and layers, for a new fun look! Oh I know, it's a girl thing mostly. We often take excitement with doing this sort of thing. Although, I do have guy friends that love to as well. Plus, Spring has mostly arrived in N.Texas, and Summer isn't that far away. It's a great way to stay cool outside, with a fresh, albeit shorter, hair-do.

Of course I had to do a selfie to be able to show my mom and sisters! And, as always, I was being silly when I took the picture, they expect this you see. I love laughing, and making people laugh, and smile. I am sure we can agree, that the world we live in today, needs smiles. And reasons to laugh.

I've come to realize that waking up and deciding to be happy is the best decision ever. It's not always easy, but the days I master it, are forming a pattern of a great week, which turns into a great month. On the days where it might he a struggle, I turn to my favorites. A good book, a conversation with my comedian son, a walk, a great movie, a random phone call from a best friend....

So as Spring arrives, and we turn the clocks ahead, do a little Spring cleaning, and shift our thoughts towards warmer days, I hope you are happy and fulfilled. And if you ever need a reminder that you have unique gifts to share, I'm here.

Because there is only one you. And,

You matter!

See you soon friend,

P.S. Breakfast at Tiffany's will have mimosas included tomorrow, I'm going to a Spa! Maybe I'll write about that next time. Until then, be kind to everyone you meet. Okay?

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

A time of hope, cheer, thanks, and love

šŸŽ¶šŸŽµ it's not Christmas if the snow don't fall....And I'm still standing here, three feet small. Lose our troubles because after's Christmas's Christmas timešŸŽ¶šŸŽµ

I have a confession to make. I started listening to holiday music before Thanksgiving. Gasp! Just a day or two before. It runs in my family! (Right Aunt Debbie?!)

Oh Christmas. That 'most wonderful time of the year'.  It can be a difficult time for some, and my heart goes out to them especially.

Really, though, I think my heart stretches wide, more so than usual, during this time of year. I want it to be this way all year, so there's one personal goal admission. I just love seeing people greet each other with a smile, as if the festive air brings round the warmth and patience we have within. I know it doesn't always go this way, but if you know me well, you understand that I ignore that 'other way' when I see it happen.

One of my best friends and I were discussing a previous blog post that talked about what Christmas meant to us as kids. See J, this is a 'new' post, not recycled! HA! (I found that going back and reading older posts had me still in agreement with things I mentioned then, so of course I shared it again in social media. The nerve!) I'm chuckling and can't wait for him to read this tidbit. I love ya J.

So of course the holiday fanfare, the parties, the making of Merry, and all of that excitement, is notable on the enjoyment scale. I like hearing my friends talk about being able to see their family who may live out of state, or see friends they don't get to see often. I'm in for all of it.

What I'm also 'in' for, is that peaceful, easy quiet that comes at the end of the day, when twinkling lights are the backdrop, and either music is playing softly or a favorite holiday movie is on. I can do some of my best thinking under these circumstances. It's not the 'running and doing all of the listed things' that places me in the spirit of the holiday.

It's the peaceful rest. Reflection of the year. The being good to yourself, and believing that the better version of you, is always forthcoming. A time of hope, cheer, thanks, and love.

And it is these things, that I wish for you this Christmas. 2017 is coming to a close, I hope we all celebrate it in our favorite ways!

See you soon friend,

P.S. Pete Delkus continues to practically PROMISE snow for N.Texas on Christmas Day. Please, Pete, deliver! I will have a snowcone for Breakfast At Tiffany's if you do!

Friday, December 1, 2017

Waste not, this precious gift

Whirling….swirling…. leaves, they fall
from thinning Autumn trees
Nostalgic feelings float in whispers
The years, tempered thieves

From hopscotch to high school
The clock, ticking away
Turn around, where does it go?
Measure of time, no delay

Fist raised, carpe diem!
Seize the day, take heed
Forget tomorrows test,
For it will come, topspeed

Waste not, this precious gift
Of heartbeat and breath
I shall embrace, without haste
Until my time of death

Longevity; my wish for us
As long as we remember
To live out loud, and love full force
Dancing flames to smoldering ember

Forgive long, pardon all
For yourself and inner peace
Stand tall, break down the wall
Negativity, released

As Autumn folds, I look ahead
Flipping calendar page to next
Hopeful for tomorrows promise
A season of sound effects

Hark the herald angels sing
Repeat the sounding joy
Glory to the newborn King
A tiny baby boy

Oh December with all of your wonder
Season of good tidings and giving love
May we all embrace together
Taking direction from above

See you soon friend,

PS I think tomorrow Breakfast at Tiffanys shall include Christmas music and mulling spices. Let the decorating begin!