Monday, February 8, 2010

American Idol.....inspiring?

I know. I KNOW. But let me explain. I can't believe this happened, but it did. I had an inspirational moment occur when watching.....wait for it.....American Idol. Oh you probably guessed, it's the title of this post.
Was I inspired by Simon and his rude but dead on reaction to someone's voice singing whatever song they were inspired by? Uh no.
Randy 'from the dawg-pound' Jackson's laughing at someone's pitiful attempt at Somewhere Over the Rainbow? Nope.
Kara's hipster attempts at critiquing each person with flair? This is a big hell no because she's my least favorite judge. Don't misunderstand, she's a great lyricist. But I disagree with her often in her judging....

This sliver of inspiration came from someone that auditioned for the show, and made it through to Hollywood mind you, and we knew she would because she was interviewed before they showed her audition and there were no "antics", she was portrayed as a nice, normal human being.

She said: "You can't just take all of the no's all the time. Sometimes you have to turn the no's into yes's"

This can be applied EVERYWHERE in life, oui? *warning, I may slip in and out of French at regular intervals, being a Francophile.

What I gleaned from this one sentence is as follows:

Just because you are turned down for whatever you are trying for, does not mean that you can't keep reaching for what you want. Keep. Going. Have the "everything happens for a reason" attitude. Yes I know, it's a cliche. But one I believe in, wholeheartedly. Maybe your presentation needs tweaking #business. Maybe the person you think you like isn't ready for what you are ready for, or isn't the one for you and you just can't see it #relationships. Maybe the book you're writing needs more editing #dreams. Maybe the interview didn't go well because there is a better job waiting right around the corner #career.

If you say you can't, you can't. If you say you can, you most defintely can, and eventually will, given the hard work required for anything worth obtaining. My grandpa used to always say, "nothing in this life is ever free. If they tell you it's free, there's a catch". Pap, I listened to everything you said. (I wish I had written down more, but I remember).

If something isn't working for you, try a different approach. Don't give up, just be smart about it. There is, of course, always a time to know when to fold your hand, right?

Back to work tomorrow after this lovely four day weekend. I won't say tomorrow is my Monday though, I would never cheat Tuesday like that! TODAY was my Monday, and it was very relaxing. I hope yours went well.

Breakfast at 7a, be there.
Until then, sleep well friend

Kites rise highest against the wind, not with it. -Winston Churchill


Sara said...

Love this post and can't wait for Ellen on Idol tonight!!

Tiffany said...

This post loves you and "I" can't wait for it either! <3