Tuesday, February 23, 2010

And now a word from our sponsor

I think commercial breaks during my favorite shows are uncool, well except for the one that makes me laugh or the one with a fabulous song in it. And with Tivo/DVR now available we don't really have to endure those much anymore, right?
What about your life though. If your life is one long movie, and it pauses to hear a word from your sponsor, who would that be?
Let's see:

1.a person who vouches or is responsible for a person or thing.

Well that's me. I am responsible for me, I can vouch for me as well. You can trust me, I won't lie to you and I will support your dreams and wishes, it's how I roll. (unless you dream of robbing a bank, then I may have to rewrite the code, just sayin)

2.a person, firm, organization, etc., that finances and buys the time to broadcast a radio or television program so as to advertisea product, a political party, etc.

My place of business finances my time to broadcast. I'm not independently wealthy unfortunately, I have to work for a living so where that paycheck comes from is my "organization" sponsor. Those lucky peeps, they get to sponsor my movie!

3.a person who makes a pledge or promise on behalf of another.

I'm very lucky in that I can think of a lot of people off the top of my head that will vouch for me with no question. I hope you have people like this in your life, it's a good feeling to know that people believe in you. You already have at least one, because I believe in you.

4.a person who answers for an infant at baptism, making the required professions and assuming responsibility for the child's religious upbringing; godfather or godmother.
I don't have godparents. If I translate literally, my mom would be who answered for me at birth. She's one of my biggest fans, and I love her tremendously.
*Definitions provided by http://www.dictionary.com/
If I paused for a commercial break during most mornings, you already know Starbucks would be my sponsor. It's one of my favorite places to be. I love walking in there in the morning with most of them knowing who I am, and usually knowing what I want before I do. It's that whole "you want to go where everybody knows your name" thing. Who doesn't like that?  
Another sponsor would be twitter because I adore it. Tweeting, one of my favorite activities. But actually this one has no time frame, because I'm random when I tweet. It could be 6am, but I try to refrain from tweeting anything that early, I don't want to wake up any of my favorite twitterites. Social Media in general is an interest but I don't become consumed with it. (I gave Facebook up for Lent, remember?)
P90X, yet another sponsor. This would be an early evening sponsor, unless it's yoga. I seem to have no issue doing yoga in the early morning hours. Most of the time anyway =)
Music would be a 24 hour sponsor, depending on my mood you might hear Eddie Vedder, or The Fray, or Imogen Heap in my life "background", how's that for a leap? There's very little music I don't like. I don't know what we would ever do without it, it adds so much color to the day.
This blog is definitely a sponsor, albeit a slightly new one. Yes I know, it's been in place for over a year now, almost two I think? But I didn't give it much attention for quite a while. I think it has become one of my best friends. See people? I listened to you when you were telling  me to blog, some of you were even rather pushy about it. I'm glad you were, sometimes I need to be pushed. I can be so stubborn (don't tell anyone).
Texting. I still say I'm the queen. A lot of my conversations are through text. I don't want it to replace that verbal communication totally, but sometimes a text is all I have time for, I'm sure you are in the same boat I am.
Books are a definite sponsor. I think they're embedded in my makeup, I LOVE to read, always have. I can thank my mom for that, she read to me every day when I was little. I can still hear her voice, as she turned each page, she made the story unfold in a fun way. (hi Mom-waving)
Movies, ah I love them too. My philosophy is "the book is always better" but I love watching movies. Especially if I fell in love with the characters in the book, that I can now see come to life on the screen, with their stories set to background music.
Which brings us full circle. Just thinking about who your sponsors would be, and what music plays in the background of your life story. Right now my background music is REM-"The Great Beyond"
"I'm breaking through, I'm bending spoons, I'm keeping flowers in full bloom, I'm looking for answers from the great beyond"
And there you have it.
Tomorrow for breakfast we're having yogurt and fruit. Okay?
Until then,



Doug Moore said...

Your blogs are so inspiring. I love it! I'm going to have to give some thought to my sponsors. Until recently, my life movie was pretty boring, but now, it's an exciting romantic comedy filled with fun times and heart filled tender moments. Given that, would my sponsors be hair care products and perfume? Going to have to give this some thought...

Tiffany said...
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Tiffany said...

You're too kind Doug =), thank you for the kind words. Laughed out loud on the hair care products and perfume, I'm thinking a movie montage of some sort.....with a romantic song playing. I'll get back to you on the song.

Tiffany said...

FYI, people have asked, that comment I removed was my own, it had typos in it, no worries friends!

verl said...

I guess my sponsors would be children...having a desire, to be encouraged to achieve to their highest potential! And an uplifting motivator....encouraging & inspiring others to be the "best person" that they most possibly can be, inspite of.....
Thanks Tiff., very thought provoking:-)!