Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Just sayin

I'm not really sure how I picked this habit up, the "just sayin". I'm sure it was used when I was attempting to help a friend with whatever crisis they came to me with, meaning, I said what I intended to convey but in a much nicer way than what I was really thinking.
An example of a friend telling me her world was ending. Dramatic much?
"I don't understand, he said he would call, reply to my email, come over...."
I had several choices in forming my response. But I believe I said, "Please look at the bottom line here, my friend. Pay attention to what they DO, not what they SAY. I'm just sayin"
What I was really thinking was, he's just not that into you. But that sounds so harsh, and she was already in what she thought was severe emotional pain. I don't like hurting people's feelings.

I don't own the phrase "just sayin" nor did I come up with it originally, but everyone that knows me calls it an "apiphany". (Remember in my world, it's spelled with an A)
I got an email from one of my favorite people on this planet, my cousin.
She wrote:
"I saw a greeting card that made me think of you. It was just a fun, friendship thing for women, but it was kinda funny. The outside said "I should have been homecoming queen. But I'm over that." Then on the inside it said "But I should have."
Made me think of your "I'm just sayin"

Another friend in facebook (gasp! I said the word, but I still won't give in, its day one of lent, I'll see you, facebook, on Easter Sunday) said, "you've got your whole crew saying your "just sayin" I see! He ended that comment with, of course, 'just sayin'. Made me laugh out loud. No LOLspeak today, I'm spelling things out. I told my friends I wanted to have t-shirts made with 'just sayin' on them, giving the profits to charity. Thirty something comments later, I realized I could actually really do this! I have to do some homework on the idea.

My favorite joiner of this following is my niece, Jewels. You remember her I'm sure. She calls me to tell me she likes noodles, or that she's playing with Jenna (my other niece), or that she's going to save the world with that adorable face of hers, always ending with, "just sayin". Yeah, that makes my day.

Oh, before I forget. Marla, I feel like I'm homecoming Queen every day NOW, rather than back then. Better. Definitely better.

I'm just sayin.

What are YOU just sayin today?


P.S. I skipped breakfast today. I KNOW. Terrible. I won't let it happen again.


Serenity said...

I need that t-shirt. I'm setting aside time this weekend to read this ENTIRE blog. I'm so glad you're in the blogosphere; it NEEDS you. Jewels is adorable. And some days I wish I could stop by your desk for an apiphany. You rock.

Just sayin.

Tiffany said...

I'm so happy you're in my family.

SO happy.

Just sayin.