Thursday, February 4, 2010

Where do you live?

"I know you work in the real world and you're very good at it. But that's work. Where do you live, Linus?" Sabrina Fairchild

Another favorite movie of mine, Sabrina (1995) In a conversation with Linus Larrabee, an overly-serious older brother of the guy she thinks shes in love with, she asks him about the way he's living his life. I loved this conversation because it inspired me to ask myself the same question, and continues to inspire me to ask others.

I know a few people that live inside of their work, leaving no room for play. I also know a few that are like Linus's brother David, who live quite the opposite, inside of their play, leaving very little room for work. Oh to have THAT luxury, right?

I think adding playfulness to work is my happy medium (remember me mentioning that sense of humor I'm so fond of? I take it with me wherever I go).

I could answer the question in a more creative way, like "I live in between the lines" But that invites interpretation doesn't it? In between the lines. Where one can see both sides. I think I should be braver and step outside of the lines once in a while. A work in progress I am.

Living up to my potential is tiring people! =)

Where do you live?

Since I don't have to work tomorrow, lets go somewhere for breakfast. Its still Breakfast at Tiffany's if I'm with you.
Until then, sleep well friend

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