Sunday, March 28, 2010

Counting Facebook

I just read a "tweet" that said: "Honestly without Facebook your missing NOTHING at all.. Without Twitter you miss so much!!"
The varying degrees of love for different avenues of social media.....they're all over the place. I know some that love twitter like I do. I learn news faster than CNN can tell me at times. I like that. I've connected with some really great people in twitter, I like hearing about what they're doing, it often inspires me to go do the same thing if I have time. Restaurant reviews, movie reviews, different music venues.....opinions generously offered with a 140 character or less, "tweet". Sometimes it's just a personal observation, or something hilarious that happened in someones day, that often makes me laugh out loud. People sharing inspirational quotes, another favorite, I can't get enough of those. One guy has a "food blog" (hi @unhatched!) I always enjoy reading about what he is cooking next, especially when he and his girlfriend have pizza night. Trust me, he takes pizza to a whole new level. And he's a genuinely nice person too!
I gave up Facebook for lent. I didn't ever doubt for a second that I could do this. Neither did another cool twitter friend (hi @dropframe!) yet another genuinely nice person, who fully supported my endeavor. I actually had a lot of twitter support, that I so appreciated (@k7dugan hi Kyle!) Very cool guy.
With Palm Sunday brings just 7 more days of my facebook hiatus. What have I learned?
Different variations of social media can bring different results from status updates, and different kinds of connections, or quite frankly, the very same kind. Thats a teeter-totter statement if I've ever written one. I think what I've found is, it's up to me what the end result will be from any connections I've made. I didn't give up Facebook because I grew a hatred for it by any means. Although I will honestly share that I did feel like I needed the break. Facebook can be a lot of fun and it's a great way to stay connected to those you care about. What a wide variety of people I have on my friends list, it's like having a party and inviting everyone I know to sit in my living room and talk about life. Not a bad thing, right?
I feel extremely lucky and grateful for all of the love that I've been hearing about that people are leaving on my "wall", I'm looking forward to reading the messages myself on Easter Sunday. My supporters aren't inticing me to sign in early I've realized, by sharing that there are messages waiting, they are simply reminding me that I'm missed and they can't wait for my return. I'm kind of surprised a little actually (lol) I don't think I'm THAT inspiring or funny but thats where that grateful part comes in. If I've ever made someones day go from negative to positive with what I've said, then I can rest assured that MY day has become better, just knowing that. I read an email I received this morning from a friend, he said "I just don't feel like posting status updates anymore, can you hurry up and come back?" See? Grateful, that I am. But I did remind him, and a few others, there are people that truly want to know what's going on with you. Please continue to post status updates as you were, and give me some reading material regarding your life story, to catch up with upon my return.
I also learned that Facebook is only the "devil" of social media if one allows that. If there are things going on that you don't like, then change them. Or stay away from them. Make your page your home, comfortable, and all about you. Toss some cool throw-pillows on the couch! Decorate it to say, Hi this is me, come on in and lets talk. If I haven't done that before now, that is where I'm headed in 7 days.

With the insane extra hours I've worked this weekend (3:30am Saturday morning, *yawn*) I am now going to sit in that beautiful sunshine and decompress. I'm taking my coffee with me, I hope your Palm Sunday brings total relaxation and gets you ready for the new week.

I'll talk to you soon!

PS stop by Tuesday so we can have a birthday breakfast, at Tiffanys =)


Doug Moore said...

Chandra and I will be very happy when you come back. Since your "departure" facebook has been much more dull and lifeless, and we both miss you dearly.

Tiffany said...

You guys are awesome, thank you for the kind words, and stopping by =) Cant wait to see whats been happening with you two. Well actually I guess I already know. (lol)