Monday, May 31, 2010

Conversations from a Gazebo

A close friend invited me (and other friends) to come to the house she just moved into with her fiance to enjoy an evening on her gazebo that's in their backyard. I love spending time with friends that possess the art of great conversation. As the evening unfolded I realized that my mind was swirling with hundreds of blog ideas, a rarity, and asked for a notebook (oh iPad, how I covet you) to write them all down. I think that's what good conversation does, it inspires. There was quite a variety of age groups present, as we all sat under that awesome ceiling fan that oscillated the very warm Texas air. I've said before, good friends can talk all day long, close friends can sit comfortably in silence and not have to fill every second with sound. The sun was just beginning to lower as we sat down, with wine, to enjoy the evening, and talk about life. I paid attention to the sound of a train racing nearby, the whistle blowing every one hundred feet to warn people that it was coming. I thought it was cool, you don't see very many trains these days, I liked the sound. The cicadas we're in full song, this sound reminded me of when my sisters and I would play in the summer until dusk and it was time to go inside. As the sun started setting, I could hear the neighbors nearby, apparently also having friends over, laughing and doing the same thing we were, spending time together.
I glanced over at her kitchen windows and noticed the light from inside seemed to cast a "homey" glow through them, the hanging basket of petunias in my direct line of vision. I thought, I would spend every night out here if the weather allowed. No TV, music lightly playing from the stereo, and friends talking about their lives. I don't know that it gets any better than that.

I will periodically refer to the "Conversations from a Gazebo" as I randomly post, would you believe that I have several pages filled, front and back, of things we discussed?! After I went home, and reread some of  the things I wrote, I laughed out loud.  We came to so many things being said that made us laugh until we cried. There were moments that the topic was more serious, sharing things that have happened in our lives along the way.
An interesting question was asked regarding age, from the youngest in the group. "Do you think it's odd that I don't really hang out with people my own age?" A lot of her friends are older, but because I know her well I had my answer formed before she finished asking the question. Maturity level being the main theme in my answer, I told her it wasn't odd in the slightest. When you have trouble relating to people who aren't going the same direction that you are in your life, it's completely understood why you would seek those who DO understand where you're headed and what your goals are, and may even share some of those goals. That lead to dating with age gaps, something I've wondered about before. I've asked a lot of people this question: "where is your line drawn when dating someone older or younger than you are?" Obviously everyone has their own opinion and idea of where the line would be drawn but the common denominator in each answer was, of course, maturity level. It just depends. If the person is five years, ten years, some even said fifteen years younger than they are, but were very mature with their ideas regarding life, the age difference becomes less of an issue. The opposite view remains the same I think. If you date someone older, I would think your own maturity level comes into play. Sometimes a connection is made regardless of age, if it feels right, I say go with it. You decide if something doesn't work for you.

And there you have it, one topic of so many that I eventually lost count. I'll visit the gazebo again soon. I hope your Memorial Holiday weekend was fabulous, and you are relaxed end ready for the new week. A work week starting with Tuesday can't go wrong!

I'll see you soon,

I'm so grateful for the men and women in the military who fought for our freedom.

"And each man stands with his face in the light of his own drawn sword. Ready to do what a hero can.” Elizabeth Barrett Browning


Serenity said...

Oh I love times like that when you're so stirred you just have to start capturing the thoughts before they fly away! And it's only been a few days of summer here and already I feel more alive, partly because of more times with friends like the one you described. I used to think of summer as that boring hot time of year when nothing much happened, but now I think of it as the season for inspiration because it's right before autumn which I consider the season for change and new beginnings.

Tiffany said...

I knew you would know what I meant about the "I have to write this down right NOW" feeling. I feel the same way about fall, it's my favorite season, but I think I'm learning to embrace summer a little more now. It smells like coppertone/coconut, of course! =)