Friday, June 11, 2010

We're in class right now, called Life

Dear Tiffany,

It's Friday, but you seem to have lost your T.G.I.F. spirit. This is so unlike you. You laugh and smile every day, without feeling pressured to do so, what gives?

I don't know if it's negative social media status updates. Or this oppressive Texas summertime heat and humidity. Or a friends visit from home coming to a close today, leaving me to think about being home again, or what it was like to be there in the past, closer to family. Something seems a little off, yet I push forward to thoughts of good things to come. I've been walking the beach all day in my mind, thinking.....always thinking.

Sometimes the counting of blessings works, I'm up to #27, with that being "thank GOD I have A/C" =). Notice thats a smile. Even on lower days, I still manage to do that. I've been told the person on the other end of the phone conversation can hear the smile loudly in my voice. I like knowing that.
Especially when I dispense advice like the following to a friend who is hurting:
You are *. Nothing and NO ONE can change that. Absolutely nothing. I know how you must feel, trust me. But tomorrow continues to come, and circumstances and new oppurtunities are dangling around every corner you turn. You take everything you learn with you in a little suitcase in your head and in your heart. Carrying that knowledge around with you means you're a life scholar. Almost like a professor. One day you will see that you have been okay all along. The heart muscle may hurt right now, but it won't forever. Its like this: We're in class right now, called Life. And we're constantly learning. The tuition can be high at times, but in the end, worth it I believe. Keep smiling, dont let anyone take that away from you.

Now how can I tell my friend to keep smiling if I don't do the same? That's false advertising!

This has sort of been one of those days where I question past choices. I don't do this too often, especially since I can't change them. Learn from them? Most definitely. But we shouldn't just learn from them. We should use what we learned in the next similar situation life presents.

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" -Albert Einstein

He's not called a genius for nothing.

If your day is going like mine, ask yourself this: "Am I * today? And will I be * tomorrow?"

I am Tiffany today. And I will be tomorrow.

As the day eases into night, and work comes to a close, I'll think about you and what we'll have for breakfast tomorrow at Tiffany's. I think I'll let you decide, you're my guest.

See you soon,

*name not included to protect the innocent

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