Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Haiku Breakthrough

It still bothers me
that I can't write a haiku
without help from friends

I posted that status update in Social Media, ending with. OMG. I've JUST HAD A BREAKTHROUGH!

I'm such a nerd people. No really. I am. I like watching Nature shows. I can be mesmerized for hours watching a spider spin a web, or a whale floating through oceanic waters in search of food. March of the Penguins, one of my favorites. "A look at the annual journey of Emperor penguins as they march, single file, to their traditional breeding ground"
A lot of people said to me, that movie was boring. Oh come ON! You don't want to watch penguins marching in single file to their next destination? for two hours? =)
I was sad when the baby penguin didn't make it out of its egg. Or if a seal got one of the penguins and they didn't make it back to their home. And I think I froze to death in the theatre that day, because it looked so.cold. in those scenes.

I'm not much of a gamer. Video gamer that is. I STILL don't own a Wii but aspire to have one some day. But you know, if I had what I wanted, I would be rescuing that princess in Mario Brothers on the original Nintendo system. I loved that game. One of the rare few I was good at. These days it seems like the required hand to eye coordination is too much for me. Sigh. Way back in the day my boyfriend at the time and I would play Mario Brothers until our eyes crossed. I don't know if this makes me a nerd or someone who doesn't spend time in a valuable manner. (laughing as I type)

A friend sent me a link to a Japanese I.Q. test one time, (go here: ) and click where it says "Click to Begin"

I spent hours, I spent DAYS trying to get those freakin people across that darn river. My mom was visiting at the time. I threw my hands in the air and said MOM! you try. She sits down, calmly rolling up her sleeves. And gets them across the river in about fifteen minutes. Thank you, mother, for showing me that I can't think like the Japanese, but you can, and so quickly. (ell oh ell)

I like crossword puzzles but they usually end up reminding me that I should have paid more attention in school. Still, they tickle the brain. I like playing scrabble, and will fight for the truth if a word is in question. I want to learn how to play Yahtzee, poker, and maybe even learn how to shoot craps. A friend enticed me with an explanation of how it works, sounded complicated and fascinating at the same time.
I like cool math games, my favorite being Mancala. Stones, and a board, sounds boring doesn't it? It's so not boring. Not to me anyway!

I'm really nerdy
I wholeheartedly don't mind
I like who I am

I'm on a Haiku roll!

A great friend wrote one in like ten seconds in Facebook when I challenged him (I was like, seriously? it took me days) but I'm sharing because I loved it.

Standing in the mist
I thought I almost saw you
It was a rainbow
Pretty awesome eh?
So this "nerd" is closing this post now. I will tell you, if it's nerdy to watch cooking shows, well hello. How do you think I make these great breakfasts I invite you to?
See you soon,

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