Wednesday, July 14, 2010

With every breath you take, there will be a dream. Seize it

Can I? yes you can
Will I? yes you will
Won't I? if you don't, you probably won't
May I? yes you may

Wonder, I? please do, often
Ponder, I? it is imperative
Decide, I? decision requires action to reach completion
Act, I? absolutely

Trust, I? with faith
Change, I? without question
Grow, I? in uncountable ways
Believe, I? with open mind

Weigh, I? with mental scales
Pray, I? Eternally
Think, I? all day and night
Love, I? without prompting

Ask the questions you want to know the answers to. Ask specifically, not generally. Take notes with the received answers. Organize the notes. Write them as though you're in college writing your thesis. Frame them in lovely colors and soft shadows. But write them boldly. In flowing handwriting that speaks of you.

Your life novel is being written every day, and has been since the day you were born. Remind yourself that you are the author. You will have many rough drafts. The final copy of  this book will include the last page that will have a space in between the last sentence, and "The End". You may have a prologue, an epilogue, and even a dedication. The characters you invite into each chapter are important, choose them wisely. A thank you section is gracious. An index is organizational. Interviews are helpful, and may invite more characters into your story. Research may be the most fun part of the gathering your truths, and facts.

Then decide on that ending. Fairytale? Happily Ever After, it exists, I know this to be true.
The pages are numbered, but the count is unknown. Until the last page is written..

Believe, I?



Epilogue: Dream, I? with every breath you take, there will be a dream. Seize it.

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