Sunday, August 29, 2010

Human nature showing me once again, that we really do celebrate each other

Bloggers of the world, unite.

I know I need to get moving, I have a lot to do today. But I read inspirational blog posts from some of my favorites, and my wheels start turning. I read funny ones and laugh hysterically. Sometimes I read sad ones even, where one has lost a friend....or a spouse, maybe a pet. I feel their emotions because they put thought to page so beautifully.

My Sunday thoughts are swirling, Fantasy Football (oh Brett Favre you better show me you're the QB I know you are and thank you for falling into my draft.....stay healthy k?). Dallas visitors in the form of lifelong friends, a favorite of mine. Scary movies-I love them. I always have Halloween and fall on the brain at the end of August. So ready for my favorite part of the year to begin. With Wednesday comes September, I'm gonna give it a hug.

In 4 months 2010 will come to a close. Has this been a productive year for you? I'd like to think it has been for me, but I'm not done yet. I don't know if my work is ever "done" per se, but it changes often. With college courses possibly in the works, my agenda is g r o w i n g. Talks of a cruise next July or August (I'm dying to make this happen), have a wedding to go to in November, spending Thanksgiving with family in Missouri.....a lot to look forward to.

I think having things to look forward to is necessary, but I also think it's important to be happy in the "now". Just be content wherever you may be. I'm an observer, sometimes I can get away with this without anyone noticing. I like to watch people interact with each other, especially when it's in celebration. There were two birthdays being celebrated simultaneously on either side of my friends and I, at the place we went to watch Houston beat Dallas last night. Let me rephrase, where we went to watch the Dallas Cowboys play football (smiling). The birthday girl, (and boy) were both glowing. Their friends were celebrating their life in a very large, loud fashion. And then of course, when it comes time for the live band to sing happy birthday to them, they become shy, but the rest of the crowd joins in as if we've all known each other for years. Yet, before last night, some of us had never seen each other.

Human nature showing me once again, that we really do celebrate each other.

Even if we've never met.

See you soon,

PS I'm celebrating YOU over breakfast, join me if you like fresh fruit and omelettes. Or.....I could make pancakes!


Serenity said...

We HAVE a little football player this year, so fall is even more delightfully footballish for me. He has the same number his dad had in high school, 89. It's too adorable for words. Except he's so tall and so old, it's kind of heartbreaking in a way.

Tiffany said...

I want to watch that adorable little football player, oh and can you please put a brick on his head so he'll stop growing until I see his face again? =)