Sunday, August 8, 2010

Put the silly back in your life if it's gone missing, okay?

I woke up laughing, is that weird? I don't know what in the world I was dreaming about last night, sometimes my dreams are so vivid, but this one is elusive. Bits and pieces I grasp, then poof! Just like that they're gone. It's just been one of this silly days so far, and I've had work to do. Cleaning carpets does not make one laugh, at least I don't think it does. Running errands, even when they begin with a morning visit to my Starbucks peeps, do not make one laugh. Well, the barista does, he's hilarious. But still.
"Hey Tiffany"....."yes?"....."wouldn't it be totally cool to have a potbelly pig for a pet?"
I died laughing because he's so r a n d o m. (Plus I think he knows I'm easy when it comes to making someone laugh) Oh and fyi, I think potbelly pigs are adorable but I don't want to have one living in my home. He would only watch Babe Pig in the City and then get bored if I wanted to watch some other movie, and also I don't speak pig. I reallllly want to be fluent in other languages, but I have to get French down before I move on to pig or something other exotic farm animal language. I have my standards.
Also, what if in the small chance I ever wanted a BLT for breakfast. You see my predicament there I'm sure.

So I've decided to embrace todays silliness. What better way to kick off the NFL season eh?
Hall of Fame, then pre-season, then let the real games begin. I am SO excited we're almost there!!
I'm meeting friends to watch the game tonight, these people keep me in stitches every time I'm with them so I have a feeling I'm taking the "silly" all the way to bedtime with me, I'll tuck it in, sing it a lullabye, and we'll go to sleep, gearing up for Monday.
Have you laughed out loud today?

The next time we meet for breakfast, I'll make you laugh out loud. It's good for you, and it goes well with eggs and toast. Especially well with coffee. Put the silly back in your life if it's gone missing, okay?

In total adoration,

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