Sunday, September 5, 2010

When is your time for renewal?

I think I hear a collective sigh. The extreme heat of a Dallas summer seems to be behind us, (and I hate to jinx it by saying that out loud), and August said goodbye a few days ago. A lot of people see Spring as the time of renewal but it's always been Fall for me. My favorite season, my favorite four months of the year, with October being number one, have begun. Actually to get technical Fall hasn't arrived yet. But the feeling of it, is here. College football (MIZZOU-RAH!), NFL season next week, lower temps, letters received from favorite nieces that have a red leaf in them....Missouri Fall is the reason I want to see the tapestry of color in September, it starts now. Dallas doesn't show me that palette until November. It's okay, I'm patient.

I woke up early enough to see the sun come up, splashing slivers of yellow rays over the pool water, making it shimmer. I was chuckling to myself about the fact that this morning is the first time I've used the pool in a month because it's been too hot to swim. Now that September is here it seems like swimming should be put to rest if you live somewhere that allows you the privilege of feeling a chilly morning already. But thats one good thing about living in North Texas, you can use the pool until Halloween (sometimes). I've been able to swim in February before as well. Ah offs.
I still think I want to live where the summer heat isn't so extreme. Antarctica?

I'm going to use these last four months of the year to the best of my ability. Embrace them. Hold them tightly and squeeze.

When is your time for renewal? Is it now? Or ongoing throughout the year maybe?

Since I don't have an ocean to walk along, I'm going for a walk down my pretty street and into the park where there are a few nature trails. May have a friend join me. You can too, and we'll have breakfast after okay?

See you soon,


Serenity said...

This is so my time for renewal. I play along at New Year's. I get totally swept up in that new-beginningness as well. But this is the real new year for me. Or maybe it's just that, I bask in the end of one and the beginning of another for four glorious months. I'm kind of ridiculously pleasant right now, because this time of year gets in my soul! I couldn't shake it if I tried. I don't know what I'll do if anything very terrible happens in it. KNOCK ON WOOD.

Tiffany said...

It's this: "this time of year gets in my soul" that makes you my favorite author/writer. And I SO get you. It's as if I need an autumn IV in my arm, then voila, all of a sudden I feel so.much.better. =)