Friday, October 8, 2010


I just commented on a favorite blog of mine, (please visit, she's a breath of fresh air), discussing the "refresh" button at the top right of my browser window.
I clicked the button, and there was a new post for me to read on Serenitys blog. YAY doesn't encompass how I feel about that. Or her for that matter. My family received a real gem when she married into it, let me just tell you.

I like the word refresh.

It's been a long week as far as work goes. Add some new rather excruciating workouts in the mix, and me breaking a rule and going to a movie on a "school" night, and.....well, I'm rather tired. I couldn't say no to the invitation, we saw Case 39. But I'll review that in a future post.

I've often thought of Fridays five o'clock hour as, exhale. Hello weekend. As I drove home today in the bright, fall sunshine, I left my windows all the way down and drove like I was in a convertible. It felt like it to me anyway. My hair was all over the place, but I didn't care. Flipped the radio on, of course nothing good was playing. Switched to the CD in the player and sang along with John Lennon. "you may say, I'm a dreamer. But I'm not the only one......" (may you R.I.P. John, you would have been 70 yrs old today)

As I got closer to home, I felt the need for total down time. Yes I have laundry going, and "smells good" things cooking, and probably a movie in the near future. But for me, this is down time. It's been a while since I've stayed home on a Friday night. Quite frankly, I think I should continue this trend. Saturday has all kinds of possibilities if one wakes up,


I'm looking forward to sunrise, I hope I don't sleep through it.

I hope you're having an awesome Friday. And the weekend brings a wish or three.

See you friend,

PS #Mizzou you can stay undefeated, let me see it. KC Chiefs, so can you. LET ME SEE IT. I'll make you breakfast, I swear!


Serenity said...

Well, for goodness sake. Thank you for this. I did some major refreshing this weekend too, some beneath my on the deck at K&J's. It was such a beautiful weekend. It's wonderful to me that my posts are refreshing to you. The last thing I want to do is simply add to the noise. There's too much of that already.

Tiffany said...

I love that, "add to the noise". I've said this before, is what you're saying improving on the silence? If not, please. Just be still. I hope your Monday is just as refreshing as the weekend was =)

Sara said...

I love this post! Love to read your writing :-)

Tiffany said...

I'm patiently waiting for YOU to write my sista. It has been suggested to me of late, that you, myself, and MellyMel need to write something. I'm on this. Watch me.