Monday, November 15, 2010

The grid needs one less traveler, if only for a while.....

"She's taking a BREAK, she NEEDS a BREAK!" -Johnny Castle a la Dirty Dancing

I think going off the grid for a bit is needed at times, don't you?

Vacations can bring a fabulous going off the grid feeling. The tide rolling in on the shore, me sitting in the sand and drinking it in. Seeing the lights come on at dusk on the Eiffel Tower. Cruising over ocean waters headed to island destinations....2011 I hear you! And I'll be there.
Family visits in my hometown, an absolute favorite way for me to take a break. I'm very excited for Thanksgiving 2010 and the promises it has been whispering to me for weeks now. My sisters and I in the same room, my happiest of happy places.

I was thinking about when I gave up Facebook for lent this year (told you I could do it) and the social media break that provided. To be honest I did that mostly because I was told I couldn't. My ears don't hear that phrase very well. Combine that with stubborness, and well.....there you have it. *Please note I did not give up twitter, my most favorite social media haven. Those people are just awesome, plain and simple. My Facebook family is awesome too.

But I think the grid needs one less traveler, if only for a while. When I leave for my visit home, I'll be taking my journal with me as usual. With my family I know there will be so many funny stories to write down I will more than likely wear out my pen. I'll definitely be scheduling an interview with my brave cousin who has had the unfortunate luck of cancer trespassing once again in her life. Am I doing this because of cancer? No. I've wanted to do this for a while anyway, she's a fascinating person, and soon to be published author. You hear me New York? Get on it.

I've got some little people I want to interview too. Nieces who light up the room just by being in it. A nephew that speaks to me over the phone using 30 yr old intellect, who is, in reality, only 9 yrs old....

I won't be gone long. But I want to say this to you regarding our upcoming holiday.

I am thankful, for the things I have been given. So I want to wish you, a very Happy Thanksgiven.

See you soon friend,

PS Let's have breakfast at Cafe Brazil soon. To.die.for.

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