Monday, April 25, 2011

In helping others, I find I'm helping myself

In teaching others, guiding them gently, I'm teaching and guiding myself.

I think this is why I have an urge to help, in reaction to someone sharing their problems with me. Or just sharing their story in general. Their life book, what is written so far....I love to listen. Hear about where they've been, who has been with them in their journey so far. Where they may be going from here, and who they're taking with them.

I don't have a degree, given to me on paper from a University. (gah! I dislike typing this!) But I know I can get one if I deem it important enough. I do have, in the very least, honorable mention, in life. I don't sweat the small stuff. I DO take pleasure in the small stuff though.

These days in Dallas, it's a thunderstorm haven. I love thunderstorms. I would SO be a tornado chaser if I could do it safely. When the lightning starts snaking across the sky, and the thunder rolls, you'll find me out on my patio, watching the fantastic display of nature. I do my best thinking on this patio. Sometimes my best talking, if a friend happens to call.

I happened to catch something being said on t.v. last night at just the right moment to share with a friend who is going through a rough time. As I always do, I wrote down what I heard immediately. If I don't do this, it's as good as gone in a few minutes. (Maybe I need ginkoba?)

"How to Calculate Your Net Worth: Add up everything money can't buy, and everything that death can't take away. That, is your net worth" -Ed Young

I believe I've found my new mantra!

I know that we can write down our assets, calculate the total worth, in columns on a piece of paper. That net worth is not quite the same. For me, it's not important.

What money can't buy are things such as these:

Helping others. Making people laugh. And realize what promise lies ahead for them if they seem to have lost their way, or their purpose. Playing with kids, and like a kid, where we both end up winning, if only for the time spent. Telling someone, "I thought of you today" and seeing their smile light up a room, or hearing that smile in their voice over the phone.

Being the kind of person, that when I leave this earth, I know I will be missed. And remembered. Not for what I paid for, or bought, or owned. But for my relationships, and guidance.

I like to leave wherever I am a better place after I was there. (I think this is why I continue to wipe that condiment counter down at Starbucks. I can't help it! I'm helping my favorite baristas!)

So yeah.....In helping others, I find I'm helping myself.

See you soon friend,

PS Protein breakfasts all week this week, what's your favorite breakfast that's packed with protein?


Felicity said...

Protein breakfast? Does a Special K shake count? : ) That's my go-to. Dan likes the egg mugs from Hungry Girl. Google it, sister.

And, perfect mantra!

Tiffany said...

Oh MY!!! Eggs Bene-chick Mug, oh yeah, that is definitely breakfast at tiffany's tomorrow. Thank YOU Felic, you are awesome. =)

Sara said...

Love this post! Defines you completely. And love Ed's quote, gotta go FB-it right now =)

Tiffany said...

I love ya my sister <3 =)