Sunday, May 22, 2011

I don't get bored anymore...

I just made an executive decision to apologize no more for lazy Sundays. It's day seven of the week. The end? The calendar says it's the beginning, at least it's formatted that way. But with a Monday through Friday job, I've always thought of Monday as the beginning of the week. So Sunday, in my mind, is to be used for rest, a "rejuvenating" of yourself to begin the work week on a good note.

I've been told I can't sit still, I always have to be doing something. I'm pretty sure I've mastered the art of relaxation lately, so this statement no longer applies to me. It's hard for some people to s l o w down and just chill out for a little while, especially those that are on the go constantly. I think boredom was one key factor that was being mentioned often when I talked to friends about this. I don't get bored anymore, I'm not sure when this happened but it did. Even if the t.v. is off and I don't have a book in my hand, or the phone in my ear, I still feel content. My stubborn, younger version of me is shaking her head, and her fist, at me, "get up and do something, I'm bored!" Ah well. She grew up, matured, and became....content.

It's okay if we watch a movie, or read, or take a nap even! Instead of going and going and going like the duracell bunny. A few people have told me they feel guilty when they take a nap, like they're missing out on life. Not true! What we're doing, is letting our  body rest so we can enjoy life when we wake up. It's so necessary, that rest.

I hope you're relaxing today. That BBQ, swimming, get-together-with-friends, (or family) vacationing, magical summertime is drawing nigh......I love knowing this. Actually when one lives in Dallas, the potential for all of these things comes in March at times. This crazy weather can't make up its mind!

See you soon friend,

PS Breakfast on the patio today. Humidity you will not win. But if you ever start getting to me, I'll just go here in my mind:


Serenity said...

I actually haven't even heard my kids say this very often (I'm bored). In my mind, we weren't allowed to say it as kids - or at least, if we did say it we had to clean our room or something (i.e., that'll fix your boredom!) But it always shocks me if my kids DO say it, because I realize how far removed from my reality that is. It makes me think, "Really? But there are so many things to think about! And do! And THINK ABOUT!" :)

Tiffany said...

LOL I heard the same thing growing up...."bored? well I've got this room that needs cleaned" then we would run the other way, "I'm not bored! I changed my mind!" ah fleeting. So many things to think about....goodNESS you're in my head. With the 9 million other things floating around in there. ;)