Monday, June 6, 2011

See....dreams really can come true

I've been tweeting lately about my dream home. It started out in a joking manner but I realized quickly that I'm actually not joking. I can't tell you exactly where this home is, but I can summarize the climate in two words: low humidity. Of course this is kind of a pipe dream because humidity isn't shy, it can pretty much show up anywhere. This want is stemming from surviving Dallas Augusts for several years now. I've learned to live with it, but it's not that enjoyable unless you're swimming. Or kayaking. Or on a boat to far off vacation destinations.......

I began with, my dream home will have a huge, screened-in, wrap-around porch. Honestly if the weather were right, I could have the whole house screened in. Who needs walls? In Hawaii, I loved how the hotels and some restaurants, even the airports, we're all open air. Not a lot of closed in walls. The openness of all of it, the laid back atmosphere, totally hooked me.

Then I started thinking about nature, and the animals. I want elephants and giraffes to roam the grounds. I'm serious! I could learn how to take care of them, or make sure the atmosphere provides what they need as far as food, and enjoyment too. They would be great friends!

And of course I want monkeys. I love them, and yes I know this is easy to say when I don't have to work at a zoo and take care of them. But I would teach every animal I have how to use their own facilities. All birds would be welcome. I love hearing them chirp, especially doves coo'ing.

I would have many rooms in this dream home, not because I need much, but because I want to have plenty of room for my family and friends to be comfortable. Who doesn't want to visit a home like this? I know if I build it, they will come.

I want to have a library full of my favorite books. And a way to watch my favorite movies, but aside from sports I can't think of a reason to need cable. I do have a few favorite t.v. shows, so this would have to taken under consideration. I would fill the house with little things I've collected on the way to a few places I've been lucky to be able to see so far. Paris......Hawaii.....Charleston.....Cocoa Beach.....LA (California)....S.Padre Island, even west Texas! There obviously would have to be some Missouri mixed in there, that's my hometown state. (it's also the Show-Me-State)

Growing a lot of my own food would be high on my list, so a garden would be really cool. And fruit trees. A few grapevines for wine, and could I even try to grow my own coffee beans? Hmmm.

I would be very busy with all of this. My thoughts then lead to, so where do I make myself useful and give back? Maybe I could have a stable of horses where low income children could visit for free and learn to ride. I would have to have help with that. I've ridden a horse maybe three times my entire life. But I could learn.

I could go on and on.....I've yet to decide what else I would want in this dream home. But I'm glad I'm writing this now. Someday, when I'm living in that home, I can look back at this post and say, "See....dreams really can come true"

What is one thing on your wish list? It can be extravagant. Dream BIG!

See you soon,

PS Breakfast would never be boring in a house like this. And most likely, it would be eaten outside. Every morning.


Felicity said...

I love how you keep saying "but I could learn!" You rock.

I love your home ideas. Could we have porch swings that are beds? And how about a walking garden with jasmine and climbing roses. I'm also on board with horses (and nice stable people to keep them). High speed internet and a cozy home theater for 30 or so.

Sara said...

Oooh!! This is fabulous! Can't wait to show the kids and then I'll ask each of them for one idea for you to add to the Dream Home. I like Felicity's ideas too!

Serenity said...

The home theater is a must - it's been in my dream home for a while. I also want a music room with a beautiful grand piano....and drums. In the realm of dreams that I really can make happen I'm sure, I want a beautiful mud room with huge cubbies and hooks and shoe racks for every member of the family. The place where we drop our shoes and coats and duffel bags is just cuh-razy.

Tiffany said...

Felic I want those porch swing beds! What a GREAT idea. Also want the gardens, and that home theatre is a must, with a popcorn machine. Sara I KNOW Jenna would help me with the horses.
LOL Seren I understand, this is why I don't allow shoes at the front door. Mean mama I am. =)