Sunday, July 10, 2011

I like being who I am today

I feel refocused, rehydrated, rejuvenated. That's quite a few "re's" eh? I always feel this way after I get back to Dallas from a visit home, to see my family. I did the smart thing this time, of driving home on a Friday rather than the Sunday before I go back to work. A good two days of pulling everything back together before Monday wakes me up with, "time to be the adult and do the adult things again" is a must.
I always reflect on the trip when I leave, usually beginning on the drive home, and actually for a few days after I get here.
A few mishaps along the way this time, but of course, I didn't let them bother me. Have we met? You know I don't do negativity. My phone met its untimely death as I pulled into my Dads driveway. Au revoir Mytouch 3G slide, I tried to have a relationship with you, even replaced you twice, but we just weren't meant to me. Do you know how much it can drive one crazy to hear text messages coming into one's phone and you can't see them?
Ah well. C'est la vie. Hello Samsung Galaxy, you are so handsome. I like you. Now if I can just get used to that touchscreen.....
The day before I left I was involved in a minor car accident. That's always fun, yes? *shaking my head no*. Here's the good news:
I have insurance, she had insurance. No one was hurt, and both cars had minimal damage. Nothing shattered, no lights broken, nothing rubbing against tires, or rims, etc. Just a slightly bent front part of the hood, with a slight dent. Oh and kudos to the Kirksville MO police, they were timely and very helpful.
After speaking with my insurance agent, I s l o w l y pulled away to drive back to my moms house. I thought, well that's what I get for rising before anyone else to go get coffee and drive the town of my early childhood without taking anyone with me. I just like doing that so much. Quiet time, music playing, as I drive down the street where I used to run to catch the bus for school. Every time I do this I'm reminded how small the street looks to me now, when, back then, it seemed huge. My sisters and I refer to this house just by the number, 814. Many great memories here, and even the house itself looks a little smaller to me now. We used to get ready in the mornings for school, knowing that when we heard Paul Harvey come on the radio, it was time to go. "Good Morning Americans, it's Friiiiiiday!" He said that every Friday morning. I loved listening to him. My Grandpa did too, I think of him every time Paul Harvey is mentioned.
So Sunday arrived and has almost left in a vapor, I have no idea where today went.

But, I have the memories of the trip home, and my folded laundry to smile about as I go to sleep. Don't laugh, laundry being done is monumental in my world.

I learned one thing, that I think I've actually known all along, but it seems so clear now, on my trip. I like being who I am, today. The adult I've grown to become, with a little of the child mixed in, that I used to be. If you're struggling with who you are, or your direction in life, remember this: Embrace yourself. You become the better version of you,  every single day.

Oh and Monday? I'm ready, bring it on.

See you soon friend,

PS My mom showed me a book that she's been reading, and following mind you, for the last two months. She looks fabulous, so I've added this, , to my list. Why NOT Eat To Live, it's all about nutrition. So for breakfast, Oatmeal it is!


Felicity said...

I love this post. (And thanks for the nutrition tip - we're all over that these days.)

Serenity said...

Beautiful, beautiful post. I love that quiet drive ritual - wish it hadn't ended so badly. And I love your memories from 814. Very cool. I like who I am today, too, thanks to this reminder.

Tiffany said...

Felic, there's no dairy for the first 6 weeks. I don't shudder at that thought, but a few friends gasped when I told them (lol). Seren, I like the you, that you are, too. =) I love it when you girls stop by....