Friday, July 22, 2011

Your blog is your signature

"There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a  typewriter and bleed" -- Ernest Hemingway

I know that sounds a little maudlin, but it's from Hemingway, we fully support just about any quote from him, yes?

In my friend circle there has been some discussion of late on what a good blog post is, and what creates enough "want" in the reader to not only click the posted link, but to actually read the post until the last written line. This lead to some interesting discussion about the blogging world, amongst some of my favorite people.

To quote Brian, a best friend for so long I've lost count:
"Honest writing is not necessarily about truth. Honest writing is about making the reader believe that where you are taking them is worth it."

I dig that, and I sign off on the concept one-hundred percent.

I've often told my friend, "Share you. Share yourself and your own story, at times. Your fans love it when you do that, and I believe your stats can back up what I'm saying. This, in no way, means that any story you write, is not meaningful or interesting. But when you peel back the layers, and roll up your sleeves, and type out "I'm here and this is me", they're going to click that 'like' button like there's a monetary gift given for it"

To paraphrase a recent post from my friend who obviously is listening;
"my muse, Tiffany, always trying to keep me on my literary path, and reminding me that some of the blog followers actually enjoy it when I’m totally real, talking about just me and what I think"

Yes, my friend, that's what I said and am still saying.

My blog, is an online journal of sorts. I read posts that go back a year or so just to see what I was thinking at the time. I don't share often, in social media. Usually when I do, it's because someone has nudged me to do so. I love it when people take the time to read, and comment. It's much appreciated. But I don't have a goal in mind, I'm just babbling away, as is customary.

But for my friends that DO have a goal in mind, their recipe blog having several times-ten followers, or their story-esque style blog having the masses read, enjoy and click 'like' to let you know they've stopped by, the bottom line is this:

Get real. Tell us your thoughts. Show us how to make pulled-pork tacos with ranchero sauce. And do this using the best, imaginative words you can muster. Take us to the country you visited outside of these United States, and let us smell the delicious smells, and taste the french wine, and look directly at the pink skies of Paris, France. We should CRAVE pork tacos after you post. And we should be googling flights to Europe after you discuss the narrow streets of Paris and the wonderment of using the Metro to get around without having to driving ourselves.

Another good friend, Daniel, who I am pretty sure hung the moon and made it sparkle, wrote:

I think that most people just want one of four things when they read:

1) to laugh. They don't want character development. They don't want understanding. They just want something quick and funny. If you can make it funny AND lewd, then you're really on to something. *I laughed at lewd, you should meet D sometime, he's awesome in the truest sense of the word.

2) to have someone to cry with. We all feel sadness, regret, upset, and anger from time to time. We often want to know that someone feels just like we do. So we can relate. So we can feel not so alone.

3) to smile. They want to feel good. About themselves. About the world around them. About mankind. About everything.

4) information. If what you're writing doesn't fit into one of those three categories, then it's purely informational. As information, people just want it. They don't want background or follow up. They just want the answer. Don't give me the history of the Computer Virus, just tell me how to get this thing off my computer.

Amen bro.

So I'll end with this. Your blog is your signature. If I click the link, it should give me an idea of who you are, and what you want, like, and dislike.

And if you post baby pandas playing in the snow? I may advise you that you're the best thing since sliced bread was invented. I'm just sayin.

You see?

That's all for now my friend,
See you soon!

PS Breakfast brisket tacos will seriously make you re-think everything you've ever eaten up until now. I think they are a religious experience, judging from the "Oh My GOD" responses I've heard muttered while my friends are tasting for the first time. Get one as soon as you can. Or stop by......I'll make you a believer.


Daniel James said...


and, as always, thank you for your sharking, and your glitter!

Tiffany said...

I'm pretty certain that I would harpoon a whale if he were getting in your way D.

Serenity said...

Good grief, this post is golden. The truth is so true and the language so beautiful.

Tiffany said...

Anyone that goes to will find exactly what I discuss here, the truth, and the REAL Serenity. You're paving the way.....=)