Friday, November 18, 2011

Whatever you have on your list....I'm glad you have it

I was driving down my street last night at dusk, and noticed the neighbors have begun putting their Christmas Lights up. The sparkly little lights were saying hello as I drove past, and I will share with you, proudly, that I loved it. The promise of the holidays around the corner, I thought "you GO friends! go ahead and start putting them up". Many people are disillusioned with Halloween running into Christmas at topspeed, and I totally understand. I want to keep them separate too. I just feel a calm come over me, when I look at Christmas lights, and it's cold outside, and darkness is drawing.

I don't know why my favorite four months of the year have to be the ones that go by so quickly. Why can't August, the hottest month in North Texas, be the one with such speed? ah well. I find myself slowing down a little, or trying to anyway, at the end of the year, in my attempts to slow the passing of time.

I've been seeing quite a few status updates in Social Media  lately about what people are thankful for, with Thanksgiving around the corner. I haven't really participated in this trend, because all of the "goes-without-saying" things come to mind. Aren't we all thankful for good health, family, friends, our jobs with benefits (hopefully), roofs over our heads.....?

I decided to make my own personal list here.

1: Charlie Brown and Snoopy
Come ON, they really know how to have a "feast". Buttered toast, popcorn, jelly-beans....
2: My Aunt Janes homemade noodles. A staple at my extended familys Thanksgiving table. When I can't be in Missouri with my family, I make my own. But I have to say, they seem to fall slightly short of Janes. I keep trying though.
3: A fireplace in my home. It's nothing short of worship, I love using it.
4: My cell phone. Social media....texting.....I can say Happy Thanksgiving very quickly to those I can't be with on the holiday.
5: FOOTBALL. You would think I would have put this one first, but I like it in the middle. Go Chiefs!
6: Friends that want to take care of me if I'm sick or recuperating, can't have too many of those.
7: Ocean-front Christmas plans with family
8: My coffee bean grinder. Although it's an obnoxious sound so early in the morning, it makes for one fresh cup of coffee I tell you.
9: Our family and friends in the military that are overseas and get to come home soon. And....the sacrifice of those friends that will never come home.
10: Talented people that inspire. Photographers, Artists, Poets, Graphic Designers, Authors, Musicians.....all of them make the world go round....

Whatever you have on your list, whether it's something miniscule or large as life, I'm glad you have it.

And I'm thankful you stopped by to read mine.

Here's the to beginning of a fabulous holiday week! (I always count Friday evening as the start of anything, don't you?)

See you soon friend,

PS I won't be able to cook on Thanksgiving morning this year. But I think for you, homemade cinnamon rolls are in order. Yes?

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Jere said...

I'm thankful for having the opportunity to know you, if even for a shorter time then I had wanted. For the opportunity to grow close, share secrets, and even to have lost it all, for that is the essence of the life that we live....change.