Thursday, January 26, 2012

"It takes a pair to beat the odds" In Review: 50/50

Although the Doctor continued to talk, all the while never looking directly into Adam's (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) eyes, the scene blurred at one word. Cancer.
I felt it. I knew right then, that I would react the same way. Not hear another thing that was said, after "you have cancer".
Eventually Adam comes to, at least enough to begin I asking questions. "ME? This doesn't make any sense! I don't smoke, I don't drink......I RECYCLE" When that last part was uttered I laughed and thought, so this is how they've done it. They've pulled off a movie where someone is told they have cancer, and still make me laugh while the story unfolds.

Now you know me. I'm not going to ruin this movie for you. When I feel compelled to write about a book I've read or a movie I've watched, I want to talk about it but not make you feel like you don't have to read/see it anymore because I gave away all of the secrets.

Seth Rogan, I love ya but I don't go see a movie just because you're in it. I apologize if this sounds rude, it's not meant to be. I'm explaining this because I want people to know that this is not one of your usual "comedy" movies. Yes, there are some really funny lines, and scenes in this one. But it's not overdone, which made it brilliant in small ways. I wasn't sure how in the world a movie like this, about someone learning they have cancer, could be considered a comedy. But trust me, when it's time to have those serious moments, it delivers beautifully. And quite frankly, even with your quirks, (okay, your character, Kyle's quirks) I think I would want you in my corner if this were to ever happen to me. Actually, I know I would.

A very strong theme came to mind somewhere in the middle of this story, so much so that I couldn't ignore it and will mention it now. Adam doesn't drive, he doesn't have a drivers license. And why? "because you can get killed in a car accident and and and......" (not a direct quote, but same meaning).

Cancer can kill too. Is there some irony to this? I think he thought so. I did too. It was rather insightful as the human side of him showed more clearly after the diagnosis. I learned, at least for him, what not to say to someone that is going through this.

I must mention that Bryce Dallas Howard is an excellent actress. If I'm supposed to dislike her character's (Rachael) actions, she proved me right again. Notice that I didn't say I disliked her character. I think she just didn't know what to do or say.

I know people that have fought this disease and won. I wondered if certain parts of the movie would make them relive scenes from their own journey that they wouldn't want to relive. At the end, I decided that I think they should try. It's a touching, heartfelt story laced with hilarity, a few curse words, adult content, parental relationships, loss.....and views from the other side of the coin.

"It takes a pair to beat the odds" ....a tagline for this movie.

Having many friends in your life is great. Having one truly wonderful, "I will always be there" friend, is the best.

See it. Let me know what you think!


PS Anna Kendrick plays Katherine, Adam's therapist, so well that I wanted to sit on the couch in her office and talk to her about nothing and everything. And I don't think that Katherine was confident that she was doing any good is what's interesting. Have I hooked you yet?


Serenity said...

Oh heck yeah. I was pretty hooked just from the preview, but with an apiphany endorsement on its side, I'm totally in. My fam loves to joke to help us get through things like this (you know: "I'm not dying, I'm just getting a text message!"). So I think I'm predisposed to like this treatment of the subject. I'm so glad you're my wing man, though, and checked it out for me first.

Tiffany said...

"It's not a tuma" ALWAYS reminds me of you and your fam (lol). I'm telling you, at times I think humor can cure just about anything. I can't wait to hear what you think about this movie =)
(and, I've got your back = wing man)