Wednesday, February 29, 2012

this 'n that

When I feel like writing a post I always have music playing before I start typing. Not so much for inspiration as I just love music. Today, Mazzy Star's "Into Dust" is in my background. It makes me want to blow a kiss to the day.
It's been one of those "I don't want to turn the t.v. on, but just be still" days, a book is waiting for me after I finish this.
I was very sad to wake up this morning to hear about the devastating storms that hit the midwest in the wee hours. It seems as though Mother Nature is starting early this year, with a vengeance similar to the Spring of 2011. Branson, MO my heart goes out to you, as well as Kansas, Illinois and even parts of Indiana.
North TX had a beautiful Spring day today, so I had to spend some time on the patio. I can't believe there are people swimming in the pool that is my backyard, but that's this crazy, unpredictable weather for you.
Now that I'm back inside I think I should have worn sunscreen, oops. Yes, it's that warm.

All day long I kept thinking that we are on extra time today. It's LEAP day after all. Extra time. I feel like I should have done something BIG with it, then I thought, but it's been such a perfect day, that's big enough isn't it? Working from home, taking mini breaks on the patio, makes me more productive than if I am sitting in an office where I can only imagine how fresh the air smells, but I can't know for sure because the windows aren't open there.

But they are here. And I love it!

Tomorrow begins a slightly new (to me) workout regimen that has quite a bit of yoga and pilates in it. A good way to spend the month of March I say. It's my birthday month, along with bringing St. Patricks Day, and the first day of Spring. We haven't really had a winter this year, I'm pretty sure the season will pass as such. I love snow, so was disappointed we didn't have any to play in. But maybe '12 will bring some, never know.

So there you have it. My little corner of the world was rather quiet today. I'll take more of this please, Universe, if you're listening.

See you soon friend,

PS I chose this video for the song today because I think the pictures are way cool.


Felicity said...

Yay, Birthday Month!

Tiffany said...

I thought of you when I mentioned that! We're supposed to celebrate all month you know. One thing a day that makes you smile, yay! =)

Serenity said...

Your month is pretty lovely so far girls. Despite the wind. It feels very spring-like. I keep thinking of Easter memories and my-kids-being-little-and-barefoot memories and all the good things warm weather brings. I don't particularly enjoy my birthday month. I consider October that instead - it's the birthday of my motherhood month.

Tiffany said...

I LOVE October. It's my favorite month of the year. Even with the high winds, March has been fabulous so far, and you're right. It has the remember-when feeling to it. =)