Monday, June 18, 2012

But that smaller scale......has gold in it

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"Right here, right now, there is no other place I wanna be...." -Jesus Jones

I've been wondering when we will be happy in the right now. Having goals and looking ahead to the future is a very good thing. I'm mostly talking about being content in the here and now. Summer is nigh, and I'm sitting at the pool, soaking up sun and reading a great book, but also thinking of Fall and leaves swirling and crisp air and Football season. Chuckling to myself, I thought, good grief, how about enjoying the summer first why don't you.
When in our twenties we think we're invincible and we'll always be, and feel, this young. But, for me, I was always looking so far ahead that I think there were times I missed entire years. Time doesn't really fly, but it feels like it does, quite often for me.

This whole "chasing the dream" mantra that I've always heard about, has been somewhat of a mystery to me. I understand the concept, in that you dream of what you want and who you want to be, and then you make plans to make it all happen.
I've been called a dreamer many times. And I concur. But I've never felt like I was chasing the dream. More like, I'm living it every day. Usually, phrases like these come from people who have climbed corporate ladders, and made it to the top, or inherited large sums of money and have literally been around the globe.

If I find I'm not living the dream, I go to bed with the thought; "Tomorrow. Tomorrow I will." But the here and now, is not far away. Being happy with small things each day, a note from a friend, a phone call from my sister(s), a text message from a favorite cousin who makes me laugh out loud (and no I am not going to use real names, they all think they're my favorite, don't tell them otherwise!).

I'm not driving a fancy car, or living in a mansion on a hill, but I can drive 20 minutes in to Dallas Farmers Market and get some of the sweetest watermelon I've ever tasted and bring it home to my apartment and enjoy that moment for days.

I wake up on a Monday thinking I would rather stay home and swim instead of going to work. And THEN I think, "I've got leftover BBQ for dinner tonight, w00t!" See how easily that can be turned around?

The here and now is unchaseable. (I'm not sure if that is a word). But it is. You don't need to chase it. It's at your fingertips. All of the motivation posters and quotes yelling, 'THINK BIG!" "DREAM BIG!" are not, in any way, telling a non-truth. I do think we should think big. But that smaller scale has gold in it.

At approximately 5:00p I will be swimming under the North Texas sky. THAT, is living the dream.

See you soon friend,

PS Have you been wishing for something fabulous lately? Why don't you go get it. Life is too short. Once you get it, s l o w down and enjoy it. Much like breakfast on the patio. I go as slow as possible. I want it to last you see.


Serenity said...

Oh, I am so living here right now. Mary Poppins was practically perfect in every way, and I keep saying that my happiness is that - practically perfect. I just ache with gladness when I manage to actually live in a moment and stop looking ahead for once. Twilight is the magic time I've noticed. Life is so pretty at twilight.

Tiffany said...

It IS so pretty at Twilight, and this in no way is a vampire reference. (ha!) =)