Saturday, July 21, 2012


I don't understand. And actually I will take pride in saying that I probably never will understand. Why senseless, horrific tragedy such as this mornings events have to take place in this world. I won't begin to compare this one, to any other, because it doesn't warrant comparison.

I'm so sad. And ANGRY. Can we get really excited about a movie premier and then purchase tickets and drive to the theatre, park, walk inside, get popcorn, seat ourselves and wait with anticipation......without worrying that we may not leave the theatre alive? IN AMERICA? ANYMORE?

I know. I'm preaching to the choir. Unfortunately, when these senseless acts of random violence occur, it affects all of us. Of course, I'm sitting comfortably in my home while other families are planning a funeral for their lost loved one. Perspective is intact, along with utter sadness and deep sorrow. I am sure that most people hugged their loved ones after todays tragedy, and said "I love you" a little bit more than they usually do. I can only hope we start to do this more, without a tragedy to trigger it.

I tell myself that this tiny little blog, a dent in cyberspace, is my online diary of sorts. I like to go back and read what I was thinking about, or doing, at any given time. What inspired me, or moved me to open a new page, and put thought to print.

This happened.

And I so wish it hadn't. But I will always remember.

Peace to you my friend,

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