Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Fairytale Vacation

Have you ever walked the grounds of nothing-short-of what would be called a Plantation, with spanish moss dripping from tree branches, butterflies billowing their wings all around you, and the smell of pine needles in the air?

If the answer is no, please, add this to your bucket list.

I had the fortunate experience of being a part of my sisters wedding at Jekyll Island, GA. last week. So excited to fly into Nashville, and then make the drive with my parents and other sister, I could barely sit still on that flight. Discussion was animated from the drive from Nashville to Chattanooga, as we caught up on our lives and the pending festivities. And let me give honorable mention to Tennessee, goodNESS do you have beautiful weather and scenery in September or what? It was lovely. We spent the night in Chattanooga and began the drive to Brunswick, GA the following day. When Sara (sister) and I get together, there's always a lot of laughing going on, to the point of tears. I'm not sure what it is, but we push each others buttons and hilarity always ensues. A very fun way to drive 7 hours I tell you.

When we crossed the causeway to get on to the island, I realized that this wasn't just me going to my sisters wedding. This, was vacation. A get-away to an island that I had never visited before, and I didn't even need my passport. Melissa was waiting for us, directing us where to park much like a stewardess shows you where the exits are on the plane. (She's hilarious by the way). As we followed her to the Crane Cottage where my family was staying........

I was enchanted. The air smelled so fresh, there were butterflies everywhere. I learned from a local that this is butterfly season. What? I've never heard of such a thing, and given that I absolutely love them you would think that I of all people would have the intel. I told Melissa that it was as if she had them flown in for the occasion, it really doesn't get more perfect than this. Oh, but really, it does.

So we make plans to spend Wednesday drinking in everything we possiby can that is Jekyll Island. I don't like to rise at the crack of dawn most days (but I aspire to like it) but when I am near an ocean, I can get up like I've had 12 hours of sleep like nobody's business.
 Photo: One of my favorites, Driftwood Beach

Driftwood Beach is rated the 5th most romantic beach in the world.

I could sit on this bench for hours. No talking, I don't know that I would even read. It would just be a thinking spot. I found that while staying at Jekyll Club was seriously one of the coolest things I've ever done, there are other places to stay on the island. If I can be near this beach, the next time I visit, that's where I'll stay.

We had a pretty full schedule the day of the wedding, but there's always time for breakfast and walking the grounds too. The main goal was to get ourselves ready to be on hand for anything Melissa needed, everything went well, according to schedule. It was really an awesome thing to hang out with her, my Mom and Sara entow, to watch the makeup artist do her thing, transforming the bride for her big day.

I'm sure she felt like paparazzi was everywhere but I couldn't help it. When the actual photographer showed up, Sara and I tried to stay out of her way. The end result before we finally left the room to be seated was truly stunning, she was beautiful and I think the groom thought so too.

After the ceremony on the grounds of the Crane Cottage Courtyard, the guests gathered in the library for drinks and appetizers, to wait for the photographer to finish her outside photo ops. That took a while, so we did what normal people do. Drink wine and talk incessantly about every single detail. Normal, yes?

The library looked fabulous:

Suffice to say that it was rather sad that we had to leave Jekyll the very next day, so after breakfast we walked the grounds to see a few more cottages before we left for Nashville.

This is pretty much standard fare. Sara taking pictures of everything and Melissa posing for me while we waited. I should have such a summer home, agree? The cottages were amazing.
After bidding farewell to everyone, my parents and I, with Sara at the wheel, drove back over the causeway, wondering how long it would take to get back to Jekyll Island. One day, we will.

Seeing the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville was pretty cool. I wondered how Loretta Lynn felt when she stood on the steps outside, knowing that she would be performing in front of hundreds of people at the Grand Ole Opry. Dreams were made there.

It was a fairytale week for sure. The Newlyweds are enjoying a San Francisco honeymoon as I type this. It's always good to get back home and put things in order, back to reality so they say.

But Jekyll, with a view like this from the patio off my room, I can promise you this. I will be back someday.

See you soon friend,

PS Georgia is the peach state. A peach bellini served at breakfast makes one feel like celebrating every day.


Serenity said...

I love this post!! You have GOT to find a job where to go places and then write about them. You're so good at it. I'm so happy for you, because I can just feel that glowy, refreshed, I've-been-outside-my-box kind of feeling emanating off this post. I plan to go get me some o' that!

Tiffany said...

Well what I wouldn't GIVE to have a job like that! Now you get out there and do that STORY Chicago thing and then tellll me about it. In a post! =) #nopressure haha