Friday, October 5, 2012

In which, I become "apiphanyone"

Ten years ago, I was attempting to be creative when coming up with a unique name for my email address, when a thought occurred to me; I love the word epiphany. Why not use this word, but make it my own with a different way of spelling it.
So Apiphany it was, and I became.
I used Apiphany for everything! Twitter, Facebook URL, emails, online bills, my blog,  you name it. I thought I was being as innovative as possible, so I loved my new ID.

Meanwhile, in 2006, a company called EastBanc Technologies was building and managing Web APIs for government, enterprise, and non-profit customers. With each implemented Web service and launched Web API, they refined their methodology and technical architecture. With this repeatable methodology and technical architecture in place, their product, APIphany, was launched and a company was born.

Great minds think alike, eh?

I think so.

What is an API?.... you ask.....because I did.

According to Programmableweb:

There’s a good chance that any app on your phone that does something interesting is using an API. It needs to communicate user details, send content to its servers or at the very least show you the latest information. The only way to do that is using an API…and every meaningful app needs an API.

The Google Maps API is a good example. So is Twitter and Facebook.

According to APIphany: We offer the industry’s most reliable API delivery platform. We help you launch, control, and scale your API. We help you monitor and gain insights into how your API is performing. And we help you gain developer adoption and establish community for your API.

In talking with the great people at APIphany, I found them to be very friendly and easy going. If you have an API, you should contact them. The Washington Post, Houston Metro, and Pew Center for the States did, and now they are customers.

So dear friends, today I have become "one" with my new friends at APIphany, and I've become @apiphanyone in Twitter. Still daring to be different, but meeting great people along the way.

See you soon,

PS APIphany can be found on facebook here:!/apiphanyinc

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