Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Savoring October

I love the word, savory.

"That chicken and mushroom dish was so, savory." It just rolls off the tongue, this word. It means succulence. Not bland, but FULL of flavor. A dish you remember for days after eating it.

I decided yesterday that I was going to savor every second of October, my most favorite month of the year. I'm not going to let it disappear  before my eyes the way September did, I have no idea where it went by the way. I looked up and poof! it was gone for another eleven months.

No, October 2012 will be savored. I'm going to remember what happens each day as the temperature lowers into the 70 degree range. And the colors of fall leaves appear in the northern states way before they do in what I call, north southtown. We will see the beautiful fall foliage in North Texas too, but usually not until November. So please, friends and family, post as many pictures as you can in social media, of the rolling hills and the red and golds blending together, forming the autumn painting I love so much.

I know people say they are "drinking the day in" when they're out and about enjoying fabulous fall weather, and I so understand the phrase. I look forward to this time of year with such anticipation that the calendar can't change fast enough. Then, when it arrives, I want to slow the clock down. I want to DO something with these days, something memorable, even if it's just walking every morning or seeing pumpkin patches fill up with various sizes of soon-to-be-jack 'o lanterns at months end. Have you seen the SIZE of some of these?! They're huge, I always think I want a giant one but then wonder how I would get it into the car to drive it home.

Adding spices to each day of this month, making it savory, and memorable, is how I'll spend October. The football games and getting together with friends, and sitting around fire pits at night, roasting pumpkin seeds; these are the fall activities I love.

How will you spend this month?

See you soon friend,

PS Pumpkin breakfasts! so many different ways to add pumpkin to the meal, muffins.....pumpkin spice latte's, pumpkin bread.....or, how about pumpkin pancakes. That's it!

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