Friday, September 20, 2013


A good friend and I were talking outside at work today, about this beautiful rain we're getting in Dallas, and noticed that the car that had just driven past us had a sticker on the back that read: "New Driver On Board, please be patient"

We began discussing whether it would be a hindrance to have that sticker or would it make people more helpful and patient towards the driver of the car. I've seen road rage unfold, it's never pretty. I myself don't suffer from this and I'm glad, but I do understand how frustrating it can be when people are simply not paying attention when they're driving. Or sometimes they're just plain rude. Whatever the case, many accidents are avoidable, if we would all just slow down a little bit and be more aware of what's happening on the road.

I thought to myself, (and said out loud to my friend), "wouldn't it be cool to have life signs to wear like that, that came with either warnings or suggestions about ourselves?"

Mine might say things like this:

"I'm going to drive the speed limit, if this angers you please drive around me in a safe manner"

"I like bacon" because, you know. It might help someone to know this.

"Fall is my absolute favorite season of the year, I am at my happiest during this time"

"I do not like rude behavior, or jokes being told at someones expense that hurt their feelings, please do not ask me to participate in this sort of thing"

"The sound of Eddie Vedders voice calms me"

"I have trouble understanding people that won't allow others to finish what they're saying, before they begin talking"

I guess these are the "good-to-knows" about a person, those lists where we mentally check off what we can say about ourselves.

But really, what I wish for, is that we could all just kind anyway. Without knowing what the person is going through in their life, because we all have our issues, just be courteous all of the time. Also, be more understanding. The person that cut you off in traffic this morning might have just learned that they have a life threatening illness, and they are not themselves right now. They could have lost a loved one, or a friend. Can we forgive them for the rude traffic gesture? Of course. I mean, it's possible.

I would.

The waitress that didn't bring you the food or drink that you ordered, fast enough for your liking, might be worried about how she is going to pay her bills this month. Can you be kind to her anyway?

I would.

I definitely think there is something to that whole "life is too short" thing. Spending energy on the things that really don't matter, robs us, and we are left with little energy for the things that do.

I'm choosing to be kind to everyone I meet this weekend. Whether it's in the grocery store, at the car wash, or some fabulous event that I might end up going to, I am going to be courteous to every single person. No matter what.

Join me!

See you soon friend,

PS I'm not kidding about the bacon. I do try to mostly avoid it, but the want is there, people!

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