Monday, December 7, 2015

If I disagree with you I will have trouble telling you, even if you ask.....

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"So tell me about you" he said, as he settled back comfortably in the chair.

"Tell you something, about MYself?" I thought immediately and was laughing. Internally.

Remember, I relate most everything someone says to me, to a movie quote. I can't help it, it's imbedded. My sister, Sara,  would get the quote immediately. But I often don't respond this way to people that I know may not understand. And what weirdness could it become, if I did. I mean, if they haven't seen the movie, they won't get it and then I'm labeled weird. (oh don't say it)

Tell you.....about say. Or he said. Or asked.

Sometimes I cry during animated movies. If I like a song, I'll dance, regardless of where I am. I also sing out loud, I didn't say I do it well. I like traditions, and routine. But I don't mind if routine is interrupted. I'm not OCD, but I do prefer things to be put away. Mostly. I love how eucalyptus leaves smell. I can't wait to watch Rudolph and Santa Claus is Coming to Town, and Charlie Brown Christmas.  I like phrases like 'the dude abides', and, 'silence is golden'. I love watching old black and white movies. Like It's A Wonderful Life, and The Shop Around the Corner. And To Kill A Mockingbird. I don't care what nationality you are, nor about your religion, if there is one, or your sexuality. I do care about your passion, and how you treat others. When I say, 'I don't care', what I mean is, I don't judge, nor discriminate based on these things. I am a heterosexual female that wants everyone to get what they deserve in life, including equality. I love people who share their art. I'd rather spend double on something a friend has created, then spend half on something that says "Made in China". This doesn't mean I'm slamming China. You know what I mean.  I love animals, but please, don't ask me to pet a tarantula. A snake? Fine. One little pat to the head. While wearing 3 pairs of rubber gloves, with a standing, 4 inch pane of glass in between us. I've tasted escargot in Paris, France, Poi in Hawaii, shrimp and grits in the south, slow-cooked brisket in Texas, beignets in NOLA, conch fritters in Florida, shepherds pie in London, and tomatoes straight from the vine in Missouri. All equally enjoyed, not only because of the way they tasted, (because they WERE fabulous) but partially because of the present company. I signed up for 'it is better to give, than receive'. I'm not competitive by nature, but I like playing. So don't pick me for your team if you're ruthless. Because I'm not. I cried when Dobby the house elf died. We can still be  friends even if you don't understand the previous statement. I like scary movies. But The Exorcist scared me half to death. If you relate floating, green balloons to Glenn, you get me. If you have no idea what I'm referring to, you may still get me. You just don't watch The Walking Dead. That's okay. I have an unrealistic addiction to coffee, Starbucks that is. I laugh at witty sarcasm, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone's feelings. I love Winter! and snow! and I love Fall too. I think I've developed an appreciation for all seasons and Summer took work given that I live in Texas. Fall is my favorite,but when there are twinkle lights all around and I see the first snowflake fall, I get so excited. I can talk your ear off, or stay silent when necessary. I love to read books, and I am pretty sure I'm addicted to the smell of a library. Or the pages of a perfectly-bound  book, even the old ones. Especially the old ones. If I disagree with you I will have trouble telling you, even if you ask. I won't lie, I'll just have trouble explaining. But I'll do that in the end. I won't agree just so I don't have to say, I disagree. I'll tell you the truth. I like Hello Kitty. No you do not have to be a child to say this out loud, I'll say it even when I'm 90 years old. I don't participate in political discussions in Social Media, I rarely participate in these discussions in the real world. When my cat, Penny, stares at the same spot on the wall or ceiling, it freaks me out. I always wonder what she's seeing that I can't. I love championing my friends and family when they've done something that might seem small to most, but to them it's a really big deal. Encouragement is key, I don't care what it is. Well, don't rob a bank, or anything illegal. But other than that, you have my support. I love quotes of any kind. Like "nothing gold can stay". I like sitting back and listening to kids talking and making each other laugh. Kids of ALL ages. Even the 70 year olds! I love it when people kick cancer right in the teeth and live to tell about it.I love football, college and NFL both. I love receiving texts from anyone, but I find myself extremely entertained when they're from my mom or dad. I don't know why. The LOL from them just makes me laugh. I feel that the scent of a real Christmas tree is unparalleled. When I might  feel down about myself, I don't stay there very long. I've learned the ropes. I can pull back up, pretty quickly. I think music.....makes the people..... come together. I like red wine. I also like grapes, which is where the wine comes from. So I guess I like beginnings and probably don't like endings as much. But damn, the middle.

That's where the good stuff is, Just taste an oreo.

I'd love to read your monologue about yourself, if you have one. And I know you do.

See you soon, friend.


PS, the movie quote is from Coal Miners Daughter. So if we were in Butcher Holler and I was hosting Breakfast at Tiffany's, I suppose we would be having flapjacks. And bacon. I'll add fresh fruit in there too!

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