Wednesday, May 25, 2016

No matter what is happening around you, you have a choice

"Find the simple joy" -Candace Payne Image result for find the simple joy candace payne

I haven't had a day off since mid-April. Working twelve to thirteen hours a day can get to you after a while.


When I watched Candace Payne put that chewbacca mask on and laugh and laugh and laugh while sharing her days events, I belly-laughed right along with her.

And you know what?

I have complained about nothing since.

I refuse to get caught up in politics, or where this world is headed, tirades for various causes, social media ranting, whining and complaining whether it's in person or online.....negativity. I won't be a part of it.

I choose to be happy every day. It's a choice. No matter what is happening around you, you have a choice. It may be tough right now. There might be unresolved issues, or budget problems, or health concerns. The fact remains, we have a choice. Take the mountains one at a time if the problem looms as though that's what it is; a mountain that you don't want to climb. Ask for help. Call a friend. Talk it out. Go for a walk. Clear your mind. Stretch. Do yoga. STAY HYDRATED. (I'm laughing because I'm known as the water pusher). Pray, if that's your thing (to be clear, it is my thing). Sleep well if at all possible.

So yes, I'm the one millionth-plus person (to the naysayers that say they've had enough of this) to share Candace's video in social media. What I would say to them, gently, is, if you are not feeling the joy that this has caused with so many of us, please, please just move along. It's not a mandatory viewing.

On behalf of the fans that are with me, that were laughing and smiling, when seeing Candace in her mask ("It's not me doing that it's the MASK!") , we thank you Candace. Thank you for sharing one small happy that turned into a giant wave of all-of-the-good-feels. We NEED these things. More and more every day, we need them.

See you soon friend,

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PS I bought a Jamba Juice Extractor. Gah! I know, me and gadgets, a rather scary idea. But I used it for the first time today and let me tell you, freshly squeezed (well, 'juiced') lemons and oranges are the most delicious concoction ever. I highly recommend! So now Breakfast at Tiffany's is even more exciting. Tomorrow I may juice tomatoes! #simplejoys