Monday, June 9, 2008

In review......P.S. I Love You-dont read if you havent seen it

WOW. I'm starting with that. I did have the kleenex on hand but was determined to try and not be affected by this movie as I was warned I would be just because I like to be contrary.
I'll begin with the great acting. I thought Hillary Swank was excellent, and really all of the main cast was great. With me being not that familiar with Gerard Butler, I instantly fell in love with him (his character) and why? His sense of humor of course! Loved it. I've told friends before, they if they polled 20 women that were either in a fantastic marriage or great long standing relationship on what made them fall for the guy, 98% percent of them would begin with "he made me laugh" . Agree?
I remember all the hula-baloo about this movie coming across in its previews as a funny, light, romantic comedy, and then people learning what it actually IS. Whoa. Yes there were some funny parts (Lisa Kudrow's character) but eff can you say SADNESS abounds? Unfortunately some people ended up not liking the movie because they weren't prepared for the meat of the story. I had a lump in my throat within the first 10 minutes. But I was prepared. Tragic tragic story, to watch her carry that "urn" for lack of a better word, home after the funeral, and stand there with a blank look on her face in the middle of her living room, holding it......just staring. Augh! I felt her pain (great acting) and wanted to twist away from it. But I didnt, I was riveted.
Her relationship with Harry Connick Jr (LOVE him) was interesting, and funny, and cute.....and then at the end I was a little sad that didnt work out. But , that would have been the obvious ending, the tying of the bow at the end, and I'm okay when it doesnt end like I think it will, most of the time anyway. I loved her relationship with her friends. I didnt love her relationship with her mom until I came to understand it. When the movie takes you on the journey of how she and Gerry met, (which come ON peeps, I would love to be walking down a road in GREEN Ireland and have this sparkling eyed Irishmen begin talking to me, is that real?lol cuz if it is I need to check flights right NOW), I enjoyed watching their story.
The letters! I am in awe of the idea, that love really can go that deep for someone, that they would love SO much that they would plan something like that to help the person they know they are leaving behind get through it. I remember her line where she says, why is he doing this to me, making me remember things that only make it hurt worse.....putting myself in her shoes I get that. It wasn't easy for her , getting those letters, but at the same time they gave her joy too. Now if that had continued too long it would probably become unhealthy, but I think his timing was perfect. He gave her just enough to get her outside in the sunshine again. She bought herself a lamp. She started designing fabulous shoes. She went on 'holiday' (I love that word, holiday, instead of vacation). She finally, boxed up his things. She bought herself a kick*** disco shirt (want it btw). I also want her hair.
So on the Denny thing. (I'm cracking up because this dude is always gonna be Denny to me, from Greys Anatomy) I'm talking about Jeffrey Dean Morgan, he plays the other Irish guy, Gerry's friend, Billy. That was a little weird at first, when I learned who he was and there she is in bed with him, which of course catapults her off the bed because it freaked her out, and rightly so. But.....on the other hand, this guy knows Gerry almost as well, and loves him almost as much, as she does. Who better to spend time with, or be held by, than someone who fits that description? And I won't EVEN talk about how hot he is ....(swoooooooon).
Wasn't sure what would happen with that scenario, but when I realized she was taking her Mom to Ireland I think I knew before he was on the screen again. So I forgave the Harry Connick Jr thing not working out. They didnt push the ending with them (she and Billy), but left us thinking, well.....maybe? loved that.
So after all this nonsensical babbling of my opinion of this movie, the conclusion is this: I thought it was great. Different. Made me hurt. Made me laugh. Made me cry. Made me want. And definitely made me believe.

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