Saturday, February 28, 2009

Is your life cluttered?

I woke up one morning not too long ago with the very first thought of "my life is too cluttered". I did mean "stuff" but I also meant the things we tend to take on that we don't need to, therefore carrying monkeys on our back that are too heavy and not necessary.
I got up, made coffee, and started ripping through my apartment like a tazmanian devil. Cleaning, and removing things I no longer wanted. A couple of framed pictures that I've had forever, knick knacks that sit and collect dust, or that are shoved in a cabinet and never used. Tons of clothes, which surprised me because I've already done that within the last 6 months (to the tune of 6 bags of them) shoes, you name it, if I hadnt touched it or seen it within a few months, it was going.....
The getting rid of "stuff" is an ongoing process. For the getting rid of things not tangible, I'm working on it. If its something or someone not good for me, it's (they are) gonna go. If its a worry about something I have no control over, its gonna go. If it's resentment or jealousy, that yucky stuff that only hurts me, its gonna go.

Gotta surround yourself with good, then be grateful for all the happy.


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