Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Broken Glass

A friend came to me today with: "I'm broken". In emotional pain over family issues. I know this friend well, so my response came to mind almost immediately.

Well, when we break, guess who is there to pick up the pieces of glass. Friends. The forever friends we're blessed with. Don't feel alone. Sometimes I feel like broken glass. But it's so SHINY. And imperfect. It even catches the sunlight in a dazzling way, our imperfections. They're what makes us unique.
Ask yourself what you want, and make a list of what's going on, and what you want fixed, and what you want to let go of. Then, on the "I want this fixed" list, decide how you can go about doing that. If you try, anything can happen. On the letting go list, extend your arm out in front of you, open your tight fisted grip on these things, palm up, let.them.go. If you don't, that hand won't have room for all of the good stuff that wants to land there, its too full of the stuff not worth holding on to.
After an apology of "I dont want to be a dark cloud" I felt compelled to say, 'you're never a dark cloud to me. I see your light even when you don't. Which is why we're friends for life'.

Do you have room to accept all of the good stuff that wants to come your way? Do some house cleaning, make room. It will blow you away.

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