Friday, January 29, 2010

My friday list form

<-------My namesake, who is not afraid of color.

One of my favorite bloggers, check her out at, does a "Top 10 Things she loves on this Friday" sometimes, and I always enjoy them.
I'll share my favorites with you today, because I know you're dying to know. Right? (I know, right? practicing that east coast accent). And that would be number one. Enjoying my own sense of humor. I've always enjoyed it. Especially when I make my best friends laugh until they can't breathe.
#2) I woke up to the sound of rolling thunder and rain hitting the window. The curtain was open just enough to let a sliver of light in, not bright light mind you, there's no sun today. Those small, whisper-quiet moments, are when true clarity comes for me. Whatever thoughts I have shoved way back into the recesses of my brain, come forth and make me think about them. And I love that. Even if some of them are hard to think about. *just sayin
#3)I love wearing pigtails, when one can have the luxury of working from home, one can do these things.
#4)I love that my laundry is almost done. Yet another luxury of working from home.
#5)The first text I received this morning was from my sister, with a picture of my niece, and namesake, Julia Christine, aka "Jewels" with pink sunglasses on and a little bit of sass showing through in her smile. Saying I love/adore her doesn't cover it. I'm taking that little love to Paris one day. *see her above
#6)Kind words. I am SO grateful everytime anyone takes even a few seconds to say kind words to me, or anyone for that matter. I have a bucketfull already and the day isn't over. "I'm a better person for knowing you" Does it get any kinder than that? I dont think so.
#7)Knowing that there are books on my shelf waiting for me to read them, LOVE.
#8)Tonight there will be a "Wolf Moon". I love the moon, I speak with it on occasion, we're tight.
#9)"Unassuming". I love this as a trait. When a man appears to not even notice how awesome he is. Pretty attractive quality in Tiffany's world.

and finally
#10) I love believing in tomorrow. No matter what, the promise of tomorrow brings all kinds of possibilities.

What do you love?


P.S. Coffee. It isn't just for breakfast anymore. =)


Sara said...

1. I love a certain older sister who used to protect me from a certain other older sister, and who is always there for us, unconditionally; who has taught my children the special meaning of the word, "Aunt".
2. I love that both girls are bathed, lotioned, combed, and jammy-ed.
3. I love that Jared is dining chez Grandma tonight, having his fav - steak and baked potato, and getting to watch Star Wars with her.
4. I love nephews, from mischieviously grinning just-turned-2-year-olds to under-the-radar-funny 16-year-olds.

Tiffany said...

I love Sara spelled without an H <3

Sara said...

OMG I LOVE IT!!! I'm squealing right now in delight, Jared saw it and said, "aww...she's so cute".
:-) Her brown coat she has on by the way has BUNNY EARS. :-)

Tiffany said...