Monday, March 22, 2010

Dear Tiffany

I have random thoughts that come to me all day long, sometimes to the point of not being able to concentrate on the task at hand. If the old saying "An idle mind is the devils workshop" is true,  I am totally safe. I often say, "I wish I could turn my brain off!" but that statement is usually uttered during a very busy day at work, where I'm mentally juggling several "balls" at once.
Today a thought occurred to me. If I were going to send a letter to myself, either going back, or forward, in time, what would the letter say?
Dear 3 year old Tiffany, do NOT cut your bangs. Leave the scissors alone. You're getting your picture taken in a professional studio in just a few days, this is so not a good idea. As I type this I am contemplating calling my mom and apologizing for being so "adventurous". I believe my mom would replace adventurous with ornery, but I'll save that for the mom interview post. Yes, there is a picture of this "adventure" for proof, I will have to find that and show you some time.
Dear 7 year old Tiffany, tomorrow is picture day at school. You're going to forget, and wear a t-shirt with a Koala bear on it, and pull your hair back with a handkerchief bandana. Dear GOD don't do it. I beg you. Could you, at the very least, take the bandana off before you say cheese? If you think I'm posting that picture on the internet you're crazy. Wait. I apologize. You're mistaken, not crazy.
Dear 13 year old Tiffany, you cannot suck up vast amounts of water from the carpet with a Kirby vacuum. You have to use a wetvac for these things.
Dear 15 year old Tiffany, pay more attention in science class. Your being quiet is a good thing, yes, but ask questions, participate more, you will get a higher grade.
Dear 19 year old Tiffany, (and current Tiffany) listen to your mother. This encompasses everything, just do it.

Ah well. I could go on. If time travel were possible and we could go back and fix all of the times we went left when we were clearly supposed to turn right, that would make for a very clean slate wouldn't it? But a clean slate doesn't bring the life experience, which always brings not only the lesson, but the skill set to handle future occurrences. Attempting to go back might possibly bring an even bigger faux pas.
So, I'll step forward. Carrying those decisions I made with me. Then, when I see something resembling that left turn, guess which way I'm going to go this time.....

Tomorrow we're having a free pastry at Starbucks, on them. Don't forget to print out your coupon. What? You're not on the email list? Well, I know people in high places, stick with me. (But get on that list, just sayin)

Talk to you soon,

PS Before I forget, if you're picking me up for breakfast, and the pond with ducks in it is on your right, turn right into my complex, not left.


Doug Moore said...

Ah those life experiences! There are so many things I would like to go back and change in my past, but, as you said, it is those times which teach us, and make us who we are. Without those lessons learned the hard way, would we be who we are today? And BTW I want to see your school pics lol. I would be willing to bet they are not bad at all! Just remember, when I was 9 I knocked out my newly aquired adult front teeth and had to live with that until I was 18 to permenantly fix them. ALL my school pics are not good lol. I learned to not smile, and even though my teeth are fixed, I still carry that with me, and will not show my teeth for a picture. Funny how things stick with us.

Tiffany said...

Oh man Doug, you will see me in a totally different light once you see these pictures. (LOL!) But I will find some, really. And blog them. Facebook? uh no. Yes, the lessons, make us who we are today. My grandpa told me once to not live in regret, because its like quicksand. Such a smart man, I miss him. And finally, you really should SMILE BIG, you have a nice one. Especially when C is right next to you. =)

Sara said...

LOL! LOVE this post! :-)

Tiffany said...

lol do you understand that I've admitted on the internet that I actually attempted to vacuum water?