Saturday, March 13, 2010

What you want, and what you need, there's a difference

Self satisfaction, where does it come from? I've been asking myself this question for several days. Obviously the answer is going to be different for everyone, we're all unique right? It seems to be a trend that we want what we can't have or what is hard to achieve. The impossible, is attractive in a lot of ways. I would like to know for sure, that I won't ever get so caught up in the unattainable, that I miss something lovely that's right in front of me.
Rarely do people take into account what they really need to be happy individually.
This can be applied to many things, career, possessions, relationships....
I have a friend that wants to keep climbing that corporate ladder, all the while complaining that the higher they go, the less fun their daily job becomes. I don't want to say that I don't have goals, and that my job is a perfect existence (we'll save that for another post, I can ramble on about it) but I'm happy for the most part, right where I am. Does this appear complacent? I'm not sure that I care if it does, I'm happy in what I'm doing. I'm good at what I do. Now feel free to ask me about this again soon as work is absolutely insane right now, not enough people to do the work. Yet another trend I hear.
I know a few people that are never quite satisfied with what they have regarding their possessions. That 52 inch flat screen isn't quiiiiiite big enough, lets get a new 62 inch. That brand new vehicle is so nice but I really want that one -------------->. Cell phones and furniture and laptops and jewelry and get my point. Don't misunderstand, I am all for having nice things. But I don't want them to own me, I would rather own them, within reason. I also don't want them to define me. I would much rather be defined by what I say and do.

I think being happy requires knowing yourself. Sounds simple doesn't it? I've found that it isn't at times. But if you don't know you, how can anyone else know you?
I always tell my close friends that I wish for them, their every desire. I really mean that when I say it. But what I want to add, but don't, is:  as long as your every desire is good for you, and something that won't hurt you.
I think there is a “stereotypical dream” that we have regarding what we think our lives should look like and be. I can only hope that we all are paying attention when new and unexpected opportunities for happiness present themselves and not discard them because they don’t look like the stereotype we have envisioned for ourselves. There is an unfortunate idea that society and culture should dictate what our lives are supposed to look like. The result is a lot of unhappy people who got exactly what they "wanted".
I really do want you to have exactly what you want out of life. Just think about what you really want, and no matter what it looks like, go for it like there is no tomorrow.

I will too.

Breakfast tomorrow should be omelets I think, a variety of whatever we want, mixed in one pan. Just like life.
Until then,


Sara said...

I heart this post!! Really makes one stop and think for a minute, take stock before hurtling forward - to check that what you're hurtling toward is indeed the right direction for YOU, not just a destination you're headed toward because you are squashed in the masses and can't find your way out...

Tiffany said...

I knew you would get me Sara no H that I adore. I've been hurtling in the wrong direction a few times over the last 2 months. But I had an apiphany recently. =) yay for those. Keeps one grounded. Thanks for stopping by, did you drop Jewels off? <3

Doug Moore said...

Love this post Tiffany! It's all too easy to get caught up in material possetions and loose sight of what is truly important. You are so right that one should not let meaterial things define us, and I'm afraid I am one of those at times who let that happen. With all of the recent changes I have went through recently, that is one thing I'm happy to say that is better than it once was. I think I have a much better grasp on what is important now, and it all starts and ends with two people, C and I.