Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Saturday 10

I had a fabulous lunch with a friend today and received a really cool fortune from the inside of the fortune cookie "You will travel to many exotic places in your lifetime". I loved it, and immediately thought, I'm very lucky that I've been able to reach two of those dream destinations already, Paris and Hawaii. I reminisce a lot about both trips, go back and look through the pictures that were taken and it's as if I'm back there. Paris, if I'm ever lucky enough to see you again, I will be grateful, I promise. The picture above was taken along the river seine, with the best friend that made that trip happen.

And onward to my top ten favorites this week:

1. Absolutely nothing on the agenda for today, and tomorrow. I am in dire need of downtime, I love being able to just sit quietly and relax. This is good mentally and physically, it's been a very busy month!
2. Good friends with new music/artist suggestions that take the time to text me and have me check them out. William Fitzsimmons is playing as I write this....then Broken Bells "The High Road" (love this song)
3.Although I don't like getting behind on my favorite shows, I just don't watch T.V. as much as I used to. But I love knowing that I have five episodes of Grey's Anatomy waiting for me when I finish this list. I managed to avoid learning the finale conclusion, so shhhh.
4. Impending visits from various friends this summer, really looking forward to seeing everyone and going home myself (Missouri) at some point and getting together with everyone.
5. PacMan. Google. Not sure it gets any better than that. I spent quite a bit of time playing that game yesterday, thank you google for placing it strategically above the search box on your page. And Happy Birthday PacMan.
6. Going to a favorite spot on Friday night with a lit patio, and great friends. I love going where it feels like home and everyone knows me. I hope you have a spot like this too.
7. Making someone belly laugh. I so love that.
8. Hearing "me too" when I've shared a thought.
9. Knowing that this year has two weddings forthcoming, both of which I will be a part of and can't wait to attend.
10. The smell of Coppertone. Yes I know, weird. But it's summers perfume, and I love it.

What are your favorites this week?

Lets have breakfast on the patio tomorrow!
Until then,

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