Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Caution: Step Up

I keep noticing this writing, painted on the step that leads from the parking garage where I work, into the building. "Caution: Step Up"
My first thought was, I wish life decisions had painted signs on them so we could be warned of impending danger or mistakes, unfortunate choices, etc.
I started paying attention to signs.
No left hand turn.
If it's against the law to turn left at this intersection, obviously most of us will never turn left. Therefore keeping us safe, and driving straight ahead to our destination.
I don't know about you but I've needed this sign before, outside of the traffic arena. Just slow the car down, and stop. Wait your turn. When it's clear, put your foot on the gas pedal, and drive.
Slippery When Wet.
*shoutout to Bon Jovi here, loved this album.
This one is telling us that we can drive on this road, but if the road gets wet, it can turn slippery and may become very dangerous. I can relate this to many things, but recently, getting into conversations I don't want to participate in.
Railroad Crossing.
It's very possible that a train will come through at any moment. Also, if you don't reduce speed when going over these tracks, you could tear your alignment up, and would then need car repairs done. This would tie in with Proceed With Caution. The sign is plain as day, it's up to us to pay attention and obey traffic rules right?
One Way.
Have you ever turned down a one way street the WRONG way? Yikes! I have, and it scared the hell out of me. I was able to recover quickly, being in a city I didn't know that well. I've never made this mistake again, so far. *knock on wood.
Do Not Enter.
This is just an absolute. There is no wiggle room for this one. Simply do not enter. Period.
*Insert name of Destination City* 31 miles......
If you have perserverance, i.e. commitment, hard work, patience, endurance....you will reach your destination. It would be cool to know how much longer we had to drive to get there.
Speed Limit 60
If we go too fast, several things can happen. One is, we'll get pulled over and be ticketed and then have to pay exorbitant prices for that misfortune. Another is, we will miss so much along the way. Go the limit.....and see everything around you. Life is crazy awesome, so many things to see. I don't want to miss any of them!

I told a friend once that he couldn't see how great his world could actually be, because he was standing on the bottom rung of his life ladder. In order to see out, and above, he needed to step up one rung. Then step up again. Suddenly the view becomes clearer, so he can now see what fabulous things are in store.
When life delivers blows that hurt, it is completely understood why we should use,

"Caution", but then it is important that we "Step Up".

I'm stepping up every day. It's quite a view and I'm scared of heights people! I gripped the inside wall of the Eiffel Tower for over 30 minutes before I was able to inch away from it, to see the breathtaking view of Paris.
And what.a.view.it.was.

Definitely should have a french themed breakfast today. They are very simple, I learned when I visited. Croissants, boiled eggs, fromage (cheese) of all different varieties, espresso, juice.......baguettes sticking out of woven baskets.
Je vous verrai bientôt,

PS Wear something French, oui?


Doug Moore said...

Great blog! Love this! One I would add is dead end. It would be great if we had a sign to say, there is nothing at the end of this road, turn around now before you reach the end. Or pedestrian crossing. Sometimes, others are more important and it's respectful to slow down and yield to them. They will be grateful (most of the time).

Tiffany said...

Ohhhh yeah, Dead End is definitely a good one. I've needed that one before many times as well. You've got me in deep thought about Pedestrian Crossing. There are those that simply don't care about who they leave in their "wake". Pedestrians left standing on their street, hurting....