Monday, August 23, 2010

Ever have one of those days?

I won't give in, you should know this by now dear universe.
What a long week!
I hear friends ask sometimes, "ever have one of those days?" Well I had a whole week. But it's Sunday night, and I'm preparing for dreamland, smiling. Like I usually do.
My car has been sitting at the dealer since Thursday, the end result of a very large median getting in my way. Bent rim (and when I say bent I mean I do nothing halfway, it was crunched) shredded was doing the gangster lean after this unfortunate event. Almost as if to say, man I'm tired, can I just rest on this one side? So two new tires, a new rim, new wheel, new hubcab and alignment later.....I receive word that I need a new strut too. Very nice. So there she sits until insurance does their assessment, write up, approval, etc. I am SO lucky I didn't get hurt, and that I have insurance.
But what I'm really grateful for is, friends. Who care so much about me that they hand their keys over and say, take mine. Drive, go do whatever you need to do. Or friends that have showed up every single day since the day this happened (last Wednesday) to take me to work or brunch over the weekend, or just getting together with friends. It's important that I'm there, if I can't make it there, they make it happen, this is the feeling I'm left with. Wouldn't trade that for the world.
They know I could die if I don't go to Starbucks. (yes I'm being dramatic) so they make sure I go to Starbucks.
I've talked about different kinds of love, this is definitely a very important one in Tiffany's world. Friend love.
My chosen family, second home.....
It seems silly to whine about cell phone issues, but I'm having serious ones that I'm still waiting on the replacement phone for. With the car incident, and a friend/coworker losing two family members this week, and perplexing cell phone occurrences, *forgetting my wallet in Starbucks.....I found myself at the culmination of a not so great week. Much unlike my normal existence. Remember that happy, smiling Tiffany that is around most of the time?
She's still here. You'll find her laughing at texts that friends send, or something funny she's just read on twitter (thank GOD for you tweethearts, I follow you for a very good reason), or singing while friends cover their ears, or writing in her journal on the patio.
I won't bash you again, Texas, for this ridiculous heat you keep bestowing on us, unsolicited. But this summer, has made me come to realize that August is my least favorite month of the year. 2010 made me pull out the map of the United States and really look at it, and wonder where I could live where I can enjoy all four seasons, especially fall. Go away August. Just gather your things and go. I'll see you next year, and would love it if you would come cooler, and in a nice shade of light blue. Please? I actually see green when I think of August and I don't know why, it really should be brown given the state of the lawns in my neighborhood. Sorry neighbors, I know you're trying. The flowers are lovely. Do you see months in certain colors? January is white for me. Probably equating that to growing up in Missouri where January is almost always covered in white snow. February is red. (Valentines Day maybe, not sure). October is orange for obvious reasons. My birthday month, March, is pink.

So here's the good news. Fantasy Football draft, coming soon to a theatre near moi, YAY!! Football season starts in less than 3 weeks, and brings NFL headlines such as these:
It's time to get Back To Football as the NFL begins its 91st season with a celebration in its special pregame show, "NFL Opening Kickoff 2010 Presented by EA Sports" -- 7:30 p.m. ET Thursday, Sept. 9. Dave Matthews Band and Taylor Swift are scheduled to perform.
Double YAY!

With September 1 brings my four favorite months of any year. The months ending in R, adore them, with October being my all time favorite.
In putting last week behind me, I'll move forward to what I am sure will be an awesome week. Even if I have to make insurance pay for the awesome. I WILL!

I hope your week is awesome too. Just like you.
See you soon,

PS I have a new (to me) place to take you for breakfast, Pete's Cafe. I found Jesus in those pancakes.

*a very nice, honest person turned my wallet in. #payingitforward

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