Saturday, September 25, 2010

Do people come to you for advice?

I love to read. It's part of my daily routine. Sometimes I read in the morning, this usually happens only on the weekends. Through the week I read before I go to sleep. I've been reading more today because I woke up to pouring rain splattering against the windows. I so love these kinds of days. I stay quiet, and don't necessarily reach for a book right away. What better time to gather your thoughts than in the morning when it's silent, except for nature having a party outside your bedroom window?

But this morning I was reading a quote someone sent me, along with the question, "what do you think about this?"

"Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn't.” Erica Jong (American writer and feminist, 1942)

The first thing I did before I pondered the quote was research who said it. From info I found online, I loved that the person who asked me what I thought about the quote was a guy. (A few of the male friends I have aren't into feminism, just sayin)

"Erica Jong-novelist, poet, and essayist-has consistently used her craft to help provide women with a powerful and rational voice in forging a feminist consciousness. She has published twenty books, including eight novels, six volumes of poetry,six books of non-fiction and numerous articles in magazines and newspapers such as the New York Times, the Sunday Times of London, Vogue, and the New York Times Book Review" (review taken from

"Impressive" I mused to myself. At least I'm impressed. I like poetry, love reading books and short essays, articles...... and have to admit I don't mind a feminist opinion expressed with gumption. I'm not a soap box type of person, but I admire those that speak their minds, and aren't afraid to do so.

What do I think about the quote.....I pondered while laying there listening to the rain. There is probably some truth to it. I am sure that I've formed an idea of what I want to do, before I've asked someone for advice. Even if the idea was small, and undecided. I think we reach out to others for advice to see if they provide a perspective we haven't thought of.
I do agree that there are those that ask for advice because they're looking for one person to tell them an alternate version of reality, regarding the situation.

I have to say though, that sometimes we really don't know the answer. We seek others opinions because we don't know which way to turn. I've often wondered if I offer the wrong advice to someone, and it doesn't turn out well for them when they follow it, how will that make me feel in the end? With that thought in mind, instead of saying, "Do this", I say, "Let's look at all sides of the issue first".

Do people come to you for advice? I think it's a compliment in a way. Your opinion is valuable to them, and they trust your instincts. I'm grateful for anyone that comes to me with, "hey, what do YOU think?"

Here is my advice for this weekend:
Embrace everything great, let go of everything negative. Then hug those you love, and tell them that you do. That they're important in your life.

I think Monday will come with a smile.

See you soon friend,

P.S. I had brunch with friends this morning, I found that their company is what made the food so tasty. But the homemade bread? to.die.for. =)

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