Saturday, September 11, 2010

We remember......9/11

"We saw the worst of our enemies and the best of our nation. America was attacked, but the deepest belief of our democracy was vindicated, that our greatness and strength is found in the character of our citizens." -Laura Bush

"We will not hunker down behind walls of mistrust and suspicion, instead, the nation will resist those who sought to divide and demoralize us. We will stay true to our traditions at home, as a diverse and tolerant nation. We will not give in to their hatred" -President Barack Obama

From New York

NEW YORK — A day of mourning for nearly 3,000 Sept. 11 victims began with moments of silence and tears near ground zero, as observers braced for protests over a mosque planned blocks away on what is usually an anniversary free of politics.

From Ground Zero:
"Let today never, ever be a national holiday. Let it not be a celebration," said Karen Carroll, who lost her brother, firefighter Thomas Kuveikis. "It's a day to be somber; it's a day to reflect on all those thousands of people that died for us in the United States."

Twitter feed:

@heykolls "I'm not a crier and am rarely serious. But 9/11 changes that every year"
@savageink "Peace."
@maybarakat "9 years ago our entire world changed.Still no words to describe the loss.Gone but never forgotten.We think of you everyday.#neverforget 9-11"
@ItsThingsInLife "#neverforget any of us could have been them 9 years ago.R.I.P.#neverforget to get up every 9/11 thanking god you're alive and have a family"
@TheGaGa "2,993 confirmed victims. The youngest was 2 years old - The oldest 85. 3,251 children lost a Parent. September 11th 2001 - #NeverForget"
@wittyclevername "Remembering all of those we lost 9 yrs ago, and the brave men who have fougt to keep us safe. Thank you #neverforget"
@MarnieNichole "Where we once were divided, now we stand united. We stand as one, Undivided. #neverforget"
@chriscturner "Enjoy your football today, but never forget the importance of this day. #neverforget"


"Michelle Obama and Laura Bush together.........very nice"
"Much love for those who put their lives on the line for us every day. I could only be so lucky to join them, in any capacity. Remember 9/11"
"Today is 9/11. I am reminded of the ones we lost and the people that fought for our freedom. Thank you to all those that serve and protect"
"Heading to scott AFB to the air show. I cant think of a better way to honor the heroes and the fallen than spending the day with the military"
"Reflective. Sorrowful. Grateful. Forgiving. God bless us all...ALL of humanity"
"No matter what's going on in our Saturday I think everyone is remembering.....9/11/01"
"Life is precious. 9/11 taught us that. Live every day with love, faith, gratitude, passion, and purpose. Never, EVER, stop telling the ones you love how much they mean to you!"
"Thinking of the families that lost loved ones on September 11, 2001 and how they don't have to be reminded of this day...I am sure it never leaves their minds. For that, I pray for sweet peace to envelope them today..."
"Flag at ground zero"

My thoughts are these:
When tragedy strikes, whether it be our nation as a whole, or on a personal level, we, as Americans, and as human beings, band together to form the most protective shield we can, out of love.

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