Saturday, November 6, 2010

Say Cheese!

My poor little sister thinks she is the forgotten child because, being the last born, there aren't as many baby pictures of her as there are of me, and my middle sister. I've heard parents say that this happens often. With the first child one ends up with two thousand pictures in the first three months. Oh I exaggerate, but you understand what I am saying.
She asked my mom, and my other sister to look through our pictures to see if we have any of her under the age of three. Naturally I immediately thought, well surely Mom has some.
But this made me start digging through my mountains of pictures anyway, as I would do anything for my sister(s).
As I began the trek down memory lane I found myself laughing (hysterically at some points) at some of the pictures I had totally forgotten about.

Now that I've spent a major amount of time sifting through my life in photos, I'm left with these thoughts:

1: Please wait until all eyes are on you before clicking the button on the camera. It makes no sense to have a picture of four people looking so far away from you they can see Europe.

2: Why in the H didn't I leave my hair alone?

3: Who told me I looked fantastic in that outifit? WHO? I hold them responsible.

4: Date your pictures immediately. Include the names of the people in the picture. Or it will haunt you, trying to remember that cute kids name that pulled your pigtails in the third grade.

5: It's not attractive to have your picture taken while you are consuming food.

6: You are judged by the company you keep. It is then sealed forever in a photo if your friends love capturing the moment. Choose wisely people.

7: My family is huge, and we're all crazy. (I'm laughing as I type this because I love them all something fierce, you know I'm kidding fam) ahem *cough* kind of.

8: Don't cross your eyes when someone is taking your picture. Just don't.

9: Don't let your small children get their hands on the camera <----------it was me, and every picture is blurry.

10: Make sure the camera is turned off before you walk away, otherwise you will have many pictures of the floor and walls.

11: Open,your.eyes. when someone is taking a picture of you <------I'm talking to myself here.

12:  For the girls, regarding makeup: less is more.

13: Please don't make the subject of your picture say cheese. Or anything else. Just let them naturally smile. (I'm half kidding here, people usually make me laugh every single time they take my picture. But um, that explains half of these expressions I'm seeing in the photos, just sayin)

14: Snow falling after it's dark really doesn't photograph well. You won't need the twenty shots you just took.

That about sums up part of my morning today. Now go get your photo albums out and take a look.

I see you nodding, you agree with me on some of these don't you?

See you soon friend,

PS I think tomorrow we shall have something banana-y for breakfast. Mmkay? But NO pictures while we are eating.


Lane and Sylvia said...

Try 3,000 pictures in the first 3.5 years. I know, ridiculous.

Tiffany said...

lol, uh yeah. I think you fall into this category my friend. =) (thanks for the comment)