Thursday, December 2, 2010

Keep the aloe handy, just in case

I have this faded scar on my left hand about a half inch below my knuckle. When I glanced at it earlier today I realized that when this incident occurred, I thought "This is never going to go away" and I wasn't happy. It's not very big, but I still didn't like the thought of being scarred for life. If I didn't tell you it was there you probably wouldn't even notice it now.
I was taking cornish hens out of the oven on New Years Day, 2010. Instead of using an oven mit on my left hand I grabbed a hot pad instead. I accidentally grazed the top of the oven as I was pulling out the heavy pan they were baking in. It hurt like hell, but I immediately put aloe on it, hoping for the best, and that my fridge had a cold beer in it for medicinal purposes. It didn't sadly, but I had a glass of wine. (It's a miracle drink you know).

I'm pretty sure the fading that it has done over the months following, all the way to this last month of the year, has finished its course. Leaving me with an "I can barely see it" reminder of what I was doing on New Years Day.

I think that as we go through life there are often scars left that we can't see. There is the physical kind, like the one on my hand. But there are emotional kinds as well. Every situation we encounter can be a lesson, if we're paying attention. I've been taught by decisions, ones I have made and decisions made by others. I've been taught by people in general. Maybe living vicariously through them, for an example. The lesson learned may be an easy one, or one that was difficult, but either way I still learned.

My scar healed, and reminds me once in a while, oh yeah, I forgot to use an oven mit that one time. Have I made that same choice since then? I have not. I use one every time now.

If you are hurting over something, let it start to heal now. Yes, you may end up with a scar. learned something didn't you?

Keep the aloe handy, just in case. Literally, it can save your skin. Figuratively, it may come in the form of a good friend who listens well. Or a parent. Maybe even your pet. Hey, they listen and love you unconditionally! A sibling.....a spouse.....the list goes on.

See you soon friend,

PS Starbucks is doing a "12 Days of Sharing" promotion during this month of "giving". If you have text capability you can text 12DAYS to 29943 to see what the deal is for each day. Want to meet for coffee tomorrow at my place of nirvana? =)


Lane and Sylvia said...

I was in Blythe, CA last week..150 miles west of Phoenix. Sonoran desert - desolation. Beautiful in it's own way, but miles and miles of nothing but Chino and Saguaro cactus and roadrunners. What 'saved' me a time or two was my morning Starbucks......Yes, a Starbucks in Blythe. It was a happy sight - thankfully not a mirage but an oasis!

Tiffany said...

You're quite the traveler, I'm slightly jealous of all of this travel =), I am so happy to hear that Blythe has a Starbucks. It is now on the map. If you dont have a Starbucks, in my opinion, you're not on the map. I'm just sayin. And.....thank you for the comment. Continues to make my day.