Wednesday, December 8, 2010



I'm filled with it today. I've had a cold that's lingered longer than I wanted it to. Well okay I don't want it to visit at ALL but since it did, I wanted it to go away as soon as possible.
I'm feeling much better today, and with that brings just silliness. I woke up knowing that my coworkers were more than likely in for it, when I get in this mood one never knows what the day will bring at work. I love to laugh, when I can make someone else laugh, especially if they aren't in the greatest of moods, it makes my day. And since I know I can sing so well, I do that out loud for their enjoyment. *ahem*

My happies for the day so far:

My cousin, who is beating cancer again, got released from the hospital yesterday. I'm very much at peace with this, after the chemo rounds are finished, she can get back to her life as she knew it before, nothing short of fabulous.

We have a toy drive going on at work, so I got to meet the new and improved Mr.Potato Head this morning. Sounds lame doesn't it? It's NOT I tell you, he's awesome! But he got a lot bigger over the years. I had to tweet the handsome new Mr.Potato Head because he's so cute.

I realized that my holiday social calendar is filling up rather quickly, so I had to do a quick check balance to make sure I wasn't over-extending, I'm not a fan of that. I've talked about down time being necessary before, but I find it especially necessary during the holidays. All this "hustle and bustle" as they call it, the mad rush, the frantic shopping and whatnot can take away from what this month is supposed to celebrate. Peace. But I will say, I'm very much looking forward to all of the upcoming events.

Realizing how long I've been friends with someone and then seeing a comment from them on my blog? yeah, that's pretty much the coolest thing ever.

I've decided that I'm going to start running. Since I don't consider myself a runner now, this may be a slow process at first. I really want to do the Jingle Bell run in Dallas this month, I don't know how far I would "run" and I hear that walking is fine too, that it's just fun to participate. I'll be checking into this more soon.

Knowing that my Christmas Tree is up, decorated, and waiting for me to get home and turn the lights on. I love sitting quietly and looking at it. I want to watch a Christmas movie tonight, not sure which one I will choose. Stay tuned.

Sharing my life with two of my favorite people on the planet in email most of the day today.....thoroughly enjoyable. We call it the Girls Club.

This is playing in the background as I wrap this post up.....I told you, I'm at peace today.

I hope your December is going well, and there will be a lot of celebration in it. But also a lot of, peace. Reflection. Get-togethers. Family. Love. Wine. (hey it's Wine Wednesday, it has to be mentioned). And wishes coming true.

Thank you for visiting my online home, I care about you.

PS What do you have for breakfast Christmas morning? My mom is coming to Dallas this year for the holidays. It's going to be a great ending to 2010.


Serenity said...

I feel it too, very peaceful. "Next year all our troubles will be miles away..."

Tiffany said...

"Faithful Friends Who Are Dear To Us....Will Be Near To Us...Once More"

You're more than my faithful friend, you're my heart sister. I'm so glad you feel the same peace I feel today. <3