Friday, December 17, 2010

The thing is, I don't need anything

I was talking with a coworker (who also happens to be a friend) today about the holidays. This time of year....and what it means to different people. He told me that he really doesn't want to call himself a scrooge per se, but he doesn't fall into anything "traditional" very easily. His tradition is to break tradition and do his own thing. Nothing wrong with that.
This led to us discussing our childhood, what Christmas meant back then and what it has become for us now.

"When I was a kid, I didn't understand the 'Overhead' that comes with this time of year. I just knew that Santa came and brought me toys and everyone was happy and there was a ton of food around, including all kinds of sugary things, available for my grabbing. Now that I'm an adult, I see the 'Overhead' as if it's a flashing neon sign above the word December. And I don't care for it. All of the hustle and bustle, the expectations needing to be met, creating a schedule not unlike a hurried frenzy where you feel like you're going to drop dead after racing through stores on the weekend"

I understood exactly what he meant. I have a different view of the holidays than I did as a kid growing up. It's not a negative view necessarily, just a different one. I was lucky in that, I have a Mom, who I think handled telling me about who Santa really is in an eloquent way. She said Santa is the magic of Christmas. The wonderful, we can't see it but we know it's there, awesome feeling that adds sparkle to the idea of the holiday. Deep down I knew that she was gently telling me that Santa wasn't real in the physical form, but the idea of him would always be with me. She told the truth, but very gently, and kept it intriguing for me. I was nine years old, I believe, when I asked her about it.

We talked about what we like to call "foo foo" dinners that people host for the holidays, the clink of beautiful china, sparkling wine goblets, lit taper candles, everyone at the table dressed in their best.....this can be an awesome thing. We both said if our families do this sort of thing, we enjoy it and thank them. And mean it.

But what we would really like to do is have a table filled with hot wings and appetizers and buckets of cold beer, and wine, and have our friends/family over for game night. I have to tell you, that this is my favorite. I'm liking things to be simple more and more these days. I still love to decorate a gorgeous, twinkly Christmas tree. And then sit and look at the lights. This quiet time is a must. For me anyway.

What do I want for Christmas, besides the cure for cancer, and other yucky diseases, and excellent health and happiness for my family and friends, and love for those who are hurting, and paid off bills for those that are struggling.....?

I told my friend a glass of wine or cold beer would be fine. We laughed, but both felt the intended simpleness of the statement. The thing is, I don't need anything. Oh sure, I would love to have new things, maybe a new outfit, new furniture for my living room, a new mahogany desk for my room, a new stereo. I really should list the stereo first because mine needs replaced in a bad way, trust me.

I love December. The frosty air, snow if I'm lucky, the sound of bells in the stores, and people coming together to help donate things to those less fortunate. The holidays can be a hard time of year for some people. I can only hope that on Christmas Eve/Day, no matter where they are or what the circumstances are, that warmth that comes from happy, fills them up when they didn't think it would, pleasantly surprising them.

And they are at peace.

I hope you are enjoying this holiday season so far. We have seven shopping days left, can you believe that?

See you soon,

PS Yes Virginia......there really is


Sara said...

I love it! Jeremy has been asking me what I want for Christmas and I honestly have no idea what to tell him. I finally told him all I really want is to see the kids have a magical time; see Jenna singing in the Christmas Eve choir, hear Jared read from Luke chapter 2, and watch Julia spread her magic reindeer food on the lawn on Christmas Eve.

Tiffany said...

THIS is why you are my sister. =) I wish I could see Julia spread her magic reindeer food on the lawn. Take a thousand pictures please. <3