Monday, January 31, 2011

My plea to the weather Gods

"Catastrophic Winter Storn Headed Your Way!"
"Colossal storm for Midwest, Northeast"

All of these headlines/catch-phrases I'm seeing today really make me want to go build a snowman. Or make snowangels. Or build a fort.

So, this post is for you weather gods, are you listening?

I don't want anyone to be stranded in dangerous conditions. Or anyone to be hurt in any way due to weather-related traffic incidents. I just want you to very gently drop pretty snowflakes alllll over the Dallas-Ft.Worth area, mmkay? Drop them until we have enough to go sledding in it.

I'll pay homage to you, light candles, utilize the fabulous fireplace, I'll even build a snowgirl that looks just like me, and put a pink coat on her with pink accessories.


I'll stop and get necessities with all of the other 80,000 people in my neighborhood, and go on home to be ready for the gift you're going to bestow on North Texas.

I'll see you soon!

PS And for breakfast tomorrow we'll make snow ice-cream!

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