Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Nine weeks really isn't that long when it comes to a lifetime

"Nine weeks really isn't that long when it comes to a lifetime" -Serenity Bohon

I've already told you about Serenity, and the cancer battle she's fighting right now. But I have to write a little more. She probably doesn't know this, but she continues to teach me, every day, about what's important and what isn't.

I hear people at work complaining about mundane things. "I hate my hairstyle". "He doesn't like me". "I wasted all of this time and the sale I found didn't produce the 90% off that it promised". "Why can't I have a new PC?!!!"

I'm laughing at the last one, because I too, need a new work PC. I'm constantly saying out loud, "Fortune 500 company I work for, yet my PC is so two thousand and late". It sounds like a plane reving its engines when I turn it on.....but I digress.....

What's important? I've been asking myself this more and more lately. Does it matter if I'm wearing the right outfit? < No>. How about my hairstyle, does it matter? . Do I need to check out the After-Christmas-Sales because that that thing I don't need but must have is more than half off? . Do you care if my purse matches my outfit? I would say no, but maybe you do. I am now saying, that I don't care. None of these details matter in the grand scheme of things that we call life. Do they? Of course they don't.

What matters to me:
How you treat those that you love, and care about. Selecting goals, deciding to take action, and reaching them. How you pass the life test presented to you. Did you say Thank You when someone held the door for you? Did you listen when a best friend poured their heart out regarding a hurtful situation in their life? Did you do the right thing when you found yourself in a situation where what you did wouldn't be known to anyone but you? Do you have kids? Do they know you love them unconditionally? Are you patient? Do you show this patience with complete strangers that cut you off in traffic? When the sunset produces the most awesome tapestry you've ever seen, do you notice it?

I could go on for days. I think my bottom line is, does "this" really matter is being applied to my life daily now. We all encounter small irritations. Stuff that means nothing, really, in the long run. A  coworker that irritates us to no end. A parking ticket we feel we don't deserve. An irritating, nosy, inlaw that will not stop with the endless questions about our day. A class we signed up for, tried to pass but failed, leaving us with a disappointed feeling. But does it matter? Maybe it does on a personal level, albeit a small one. I don't want to take away from the everyday "nothing is going right" feeling we all get at times. I hear ya, life sucks sometimes.

But have you ever signed up for 3 rounds of chemo in the hopes that once you finish, you will never have to consider the thought again?

I haven't and I hope I never have to. I say that I understand, to anyone that has to go through something like that, but do I? Not really. I know it's hard, but have I experienced it? No.

My thoughts are these:

Live in the moment. Breathe in the tiny things. Say yes instead of no. Be brave. Be proud of your accomplishments. Say "I love you" when you do, and mean it. Donate the "stuff" you don't need. If you like ice-cream, go get some.

In a waffle cone.

Just live out loud, is all I'm sayin, okay?
I'll see you soon friend,

PS I may be wearing a "fight-like-a-girl" t-shirt at breakfast. If you want one, let me know. I have connections. =)

Addendum: please visit http://www.fightlikeagirlcancershirts.com/ for the awesome design of this shirt, and other goodies. It's a great sight, filled with hope and well.....FIGHT.


Kathy said...

Great post, Tiffany! Thanks for fighting with us and for understanding what really matters. You do, for instance.

Tiffany said...

Oh Kathy this just made my DAY! My week even! Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting, you are the Mother of that awesome girl I keep writing about. OF COURSE she's fabulous, because you are too. =)

Anonymous said...

This is a fabulous post, and I'm cheering Serenity on with you. (Found your blog via hers, a while ago.) I love that T-shirt design. Can I get one? (My email is katieleigh83 at gmail dot com.)

Tiffany said...

Hi Katie! thanks so much for commenting =) There's a few ways to get a shirt, I know the girl that is kind enough to try and get them made doesnt have it all wrapped up yet, but I am going to email you all of the info that I have.

Cancer said...

Hi. I received an alert that my Fight Like a Girl t-shirt that I designed was mentioned on this blog. Thank you so much for posting my original design I created as a two-time cancer survivor. This t-shirt design is only available at my store at www.fightlikeagirlcancershirts.com - I can provide discounts if you are interested. Just a note, this design is copyrighted by my shop. Best to all of you.

Tiffany said...

Thank you so much for the info. I'll spread the word about your website, I think it's awesome. I hope you are well =)

Serenity said...

Beautifully done on the addendum, darling. And beautifully done on the post. So. Beautifully. Done.

At a low point a couple days ago Michael knelt beside me and said, "This may sound stupid, but" and then he told me to make each of the three chemo weeks (and their recovery times) for one of my boys - like I was birthing them all over again. Which I kind of am - birthing us all into new life. And I cried and I knew I could do it now. Nine weeks, three boys, one husband, and a lifetime. I can do it.

Thanks for being one of the best people in our lives - someone who gets all this good and important stuff. I love you, Chica.

Tiffany said...

Lord woman, you are just full of some of my favorite quotes!!
"Nine weeks, three boys, one husband, and a lifetime. I can do it"

And yes you can do it. And you will. And you'll win. And then....you'll live/love/laugh forevermore. I luvsya <3