Friday, February 4, 2011

With cabin fever comes clarity

So I've learned a few things, being iced-in, working from home all week due to the inclement weather Dallas has had since Tuesday.

bw4oz.jpg1: If you send a plea to the Weather Gods through your blog, they will answer. They will REALLY answer. Focus stage right.

2: When you absolutely have to get out of the house to stock up on necessities, wait until there is snow on top of ice, and go at 6:30a. It's the most peaceful existence in the world. The crunch of the snow beneath your feet and the sound of your breath are the only audible things that exist. Had a few childhood memories come back to me so quickly, with such vivid clarity, that I almost didn't want to go back inside. With firewood being a must in North Dallas this week, I am happy to report that I'm fully stocked.

3: I'm quite the chef when snowed in and my imagination wanders to all kinds of possibilities based on ingredients I have on hand. Like blueberries for example. And yes they are cookies. Delicious.

4: I'm spoiled. Did you just gasp? I did too at the admission. With "rolling blackouts" comes no electricity. I was reading a book by the fire going in the fireplace anyway, but all of a sudden I found ten reasons to need power. I sat there for a while, and then thought, what do I need it for right now. I'm warm, I can see what I'm reading, and I'm not hungry. Get over it.
I did, and it came back on within the hour. Of course this happened several times, but that's okay.

5: I'm a fire bug. Thank you Dad, for teaching me how to build one. After I stopped reading, I was sipping a glass of wine, staring into the flames leaping off the logs in my fireplace. Thinking.....always thinking. You can do quite a bit of mental organization this way. I imagined my life in folders, and began gently placing certain things in them. Some will be filed away for better use later. Some, will be tossed.

6: I love social media. Even though I was sitting in my apartment without these friends present, I was having so many conversations with various people during that time, because social media makes that possible. I knew what they were doing, drinking, eating, watching, and how they feel about ice storms. It was fun.

7: I absolutely love getting texts from friends that care about my living conditions enough to text me to make sure that I'm okay. Another thing I love about them is they make me laugh out loud with very few words.

8: Kittens are tiny furry beasts bent on destruction and mayhem.
Except when they're sleeping 3jgq.jpg

9: After 3 days of being iced in, one can inch towards madness. I say this lightly, I'm fine. But only because I got out and walked today, in the winter wonderland. It's important to get exercise and fresh air every day.

10: The Superbowl is nigh. I actually didn't learn this while being iced-in. But it's a fact nonetheless. I have no idea what kind of weather Dallas will have on Sunday. But I have a feeling the weather gods decided to make the Steelers/Packers right at home by blowing arctic gusts over the Stadium in Arlington. May the best team win!

I hope wherever you are, you're safe and warm. And you have a lovely weekend.

See you soon friend,

PS I bought fresh watermelon and canteloupe this morning. Oh Texas, how I love you for that. It's February after all. That's what's for breakfast at Tiffanys!


Serenity said...

I wish I enjoyed cooking. I've thought about it a lot lately and hope to add more of it to my life after this whole chemo biz is over with.

Tiffany said...

Pick one dish that YOU like, but have never tried to make. If you know you like it you'll invest more into it, and then be proud of yourself when you're done. Incidentally, that salad you made for TDay was to.die.for. See, you CAN! =)