Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday is the Creme Filling

Saturday Top Ten

Listing it out today people......

1: Summer days appearing in April, whispering, "I'm coming soon, and here's what I look like..."

2: No overbooking, no set plans, the "I can do whatever I want" day that I have at my fingertips.

3: Receiving a simple text message, "you're amazing"

4: Mazzy Star "Into Dust" playing as I type this entry.

5:  Laying under a tree with swaying branches, at the pool, then hearing St. Ann's Catholic Church ring their bells......

6: Blog posts like this, where my beautiful cousin Serenity explains to you that she's beat cancer again:

7: A neighbor asking if I want to join a family BBQ. Um hello. Yes. =)

8: Hope.

9: Laugh out loud tweets. I love my twitter fam.

10: The fact that Saturday is the creme filling.

Have an awesome weekend friend,

PS I'm feeling "brunchy" for breakfast, all weekend. Patio brunch? definitely.

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